2018 VCE VCAA EXAM TIMETABLE | Gippsland Grammar



Please click on the link to view 2018 VCE VCAA EXAM TIMETABLE



All Unit 3/4 exams are regarded as compulsory.  In the case of extreme illness or personal trauma please contact the VCE Coordinator, Miss Hahn, as soon as possible.



If a student becomes ill or experiences an accident or personal trauma at the time of their VCE exams they may apply for a Derived Exam Score; however, students are advised to attend every exam if at all possible.  It is better to attend the exam and then apply for a Derived Exam Score rather than risk not attending and having an application for a DES denied.  This incidence would result in the student not receiving any score for that subject’s exam.  If a student believes they should apply for a DES they would contact Miss Hahn immediately in order to initiate the required documentation.  ALL DES applications must be supported by medical reports etc.  Please see the VCE Exams Navigator which students received in Term 3 or 4 for further information.  Each student’s individual exam timetable which they received in Term 3 or 4 has a cut- off date by which their individual application for a DES would need to reach the VCAA.



Please take note that Unit 3/4 exams prior to Melbourne Cup Day take place in Garnsey Hall whilst those after Melbourne Cup Day are held in the VCE Centre (Rooms 31, 32 and 33).  Music exams are held in Room 40. 



Students who have been granted Special Provision (access to computers etc) should attend the timetabled room at the start of the exam.  After the general instructions they will be taken by a supervisor to their examination location if they have access to a separate room.



Students are reminded that before every exam all electronic devices (including smart watches will be collected outside the exam room and stored securely.  All pencil cases are also required to be see through (a large ziplock bag would suffice) as metal/fabric cases are not permitted.  Water bottles are to be clear plastic and colourless and no more than 1500ml.  Students are also expected to adhere to all VCAA examination rules as described in their 2018 Exams Navigator.



Year 12 students may wear appropriate casual clothing for the exams; however, Year 11 students are required to wear school uniform for their Unit 3/4 exams regardless of when they arrive and depart from school.  The only exception to this rule is that Year 11s may wear casuals if their Unit 3/4 exam is scheduled on a student free day.



Year 11 students are permitted to take the day before their Unit 3/4 exam as a study day.  This IS NOT applicable if the day before the exam is already a weekend or a public holiday.

Year 12s are welcome to study at school during SWOTVAC, however, they should be aware that the ISC will continue to be used for classes in Years 7-11.



Students can access their results from 14 December either by mail, email, internet or mobile app.  All details regarding this process are located on the back cover of the VCE Exams Navigator.  Students will require their student number to access their results.  This number is located on the VCAA exam timetable they received in Term 3 or 4.  Students should keep their Navigator and timetable in a safe place until after results have been released.

Justeen Hahn- VCE Co-ordinator