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Acting Chair of the Gippsland Grammar Board

As Directors we are privileged to be able to serve as members of the Gippsland Grammar Board. We take our responsibility to oversee the Governance requirements of the school very seriously and as a result we are constantly trying to stay abreast of our expectations and current best practice.


Last weekend myself and two of my fellow Directors, Mrs Kate Young and Mr Brendan Shepherd, attended a two day Independent Schools’ Victoria Governance Conference in Melbourne where we were fortunate to hear from a number of accomplished presenters on a broad range of topics. We gathered valued information, participated in relevant and robust discussions and networked with directors from other independent schools. I was very pleased to see that what we are already doing was validated and, in many cases we are well advanced when compared to other schools.


What an extraordinary opportunity this was and I am currently in the process of preparing a report to present to the rest of the Board at our next meeting, thus ensuring that we all benefit from what we learned.


Vicki McLeod
Acting Chair