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DAV Debating

Our debaters enjoyed a very successful evening on Thursday night, winning 8 out of 10 debates.


Congratulations to everyone, especially our A and D grade debaters, as well as C Grade Team 2 and B Grade Teams 1 and 2 who all won their debates.


A number of Gippsland Grammar students were also awarded as Best Speaker in their respective debates: Tilly Gunther (B Grade team 2) and Faith O’Connor (B Grade Team 1), both secondspeaker for the Affirmative Teams, That the government should have access to private citizens encrypted messages; Enola Jefferis (C Grade Team 2) as the firstspeaker of the Affirmative Team with the topic, That we should abolish political parties; Mia Mackintosh (D Grade Team 2) who was second  speaker for the Affirmative and Mia Johnson (D Grade Team 1), who was third Speaker for the Affirmative Team speaking on the topic That all political parties should have quotas for female candidates. Josh Hanratty spoke on two winning teams, filling in for two teams in C and D grades.


It was a great night and I was most impressed by the way our students interacted with each other and the students from competing schools. Well done! We are looking forward to Round 3 next month.


Zoe Hilliar
Teacher in Charge of Debating