Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Garnsey Campus has been abuzz this week. Students have been preparing for the annual Spring Concert, to be held at The Wedge on Friday night.  It is exciting to be holding the event in such a venue and I encourage all families to come along and enjoy a special evening of great music, performed by our students.  


This week has also begun the countdown to the final days of classes for Year 12 students. We have a number of events planned next week to mark these final days but, of course, our main focus continues to be ensuring that students are well prepared for their Unit 3/4 examinations which commence in the following week. To this end, the students have been attending revision lectures, meeting with teachers, completing practice examinations and using classes to clarify and revise content and techniques which we believe will see them well placed to achieve their best and have choices about their options beyond School. It is an exciting time but also one when, for some, the pressure of what is to come and the realisation of the changes ahead, can mean mixed emotions.  Nonetheless, we have been very purposeful in our approach with Year 12 this week and will ensure that this important milestone, finishing secondary school, is marked with in a meaningful way next week.


No more balloons!

Students are reminded of the barbecue being held on Tuesday 24 October to raise awareness of the impact of balloons on the environment. More than 80% of baby seabirds on Lord Howe Island have ingested rubbish, with balloons and their attachments one of the most identifiable items. The funds raised will be donated to the Melbourne Zoo to support the campaign to ban balloons in the outdoors. I commend the students on the significance of this initiative. We have agreed that we will not use balloons in the outdoors anymore and, in this way, we will make a difference in our environment, located as it is so close to the Gippsland Lakes and waterways.

Do you have a Gippsland Grammar Netball Dress?
Many students have represented Gippsland Grammar in netball over the years. At various times, dresses have been either hired out or lent to students with the intention that these will be returned. Our stocks are low at present and we are looking to recover some of the dresses that may be hanging in wardrobes unused. If you have a Gippsland Grammar netball dress, could you please return it to Mrs Julie Cannon before the end of Term 4.

Student Achievements

The Pony Club Australia National Championships were held in Toowoomba in the last week of term. Gippsland Grammar was fortunate to have three riders selected in the Victorian team to compete at Nationals:


Priyanka Joshi (junior Tetrathlon and Formal Gymkhana)

Quinn Wade (Junior Tetrathlon)

Darcy Wade (Junior Tetrathlon and Junior Showjumping)


The riders performed wonderfully and represented Victoria at the highest level. All are to be commended on their sportsmanship, team work, and riding successes. The Victorian Junior Tetrathlon team won overall with outstanding individual results. Darcy claimed back to back national titles winning the championship by over 300 points.  Priyanka placed fourth and Quinn fifth. It was fantastic to have them all within the top 10. Priyanka also performed well in the Formal Gymkhana, placing fifth overall, while Darcy came fourth overall in the Junior Showjumping. Both Victorian teams placed second. Congratulations to these students.