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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Peer Support Training 

The training of our Year 9 students to act as Peer Support leaders has been a long held tradition at Gippsland Grammar. Last week, the Year 9 and 2018 Year 10 Mentors led the training and Year 9 students undertook a variety of activities which were both engaging and informative as they practised the skills of leadership. I commend the students on their enthusiasm and the mature way in which they engaged in some challenging and incredibly fun exercises. The greatest challenge for staff following the training days will be to select our leaders, as there are so many willing and able candidates after the training days. Those selected will go on to be peer leaders for the Year 7 students and in this way will make a valuable, positive and skilled contribution to our School community. Congratulations to all the Year 9s for their contribution to the training program.  


Year 7 Outdoor Education Camps 

All of our Year 7s have now completed an important part of their education with the first of their Outdoor Education Camps concluded this week. The Year 7 program at Lake Tyers is one of ‘growth through experience’. Our Outdoor Education Program is an integral part of each and every student’s educational experience. Essentially sequential in nature, the program aims to establish foundational skills and experiences, which are built on over three years. It is aimed at specific curriculum outcomes defined by year level and has strong cross-curricular links. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore their capacity for leadership, resiliency, teamwork, communication, community membership and much more through participating in the program.  


Activities included in the Year 7 program included minimal impact camping, a canoe expedition, caving, bushwalking and environmental studies. The program also gave students a chance to learn to cook on different equipment, sleep under different shelters and spend worthwhile time with their peers. While some students found some of these aspects challenging, I commend the resilience of the students and their willingness to engage in activities. 


End of semester arrangements 

Time appears to be flying by. We are now preparing for Rollover, which commences on Monday 27 November. Our Year 11 students commenced their end of year examinations this week and Year 10s will do the same on Monday next week. The Year 9s are heading to a variety of different destinations next week for their final Outdoor Education program and they have been very excited in their preparations for this event. This all means that teachers are finalising assessments and preparing for the completion of final reports for all students. I include below some details about the end of semester program and Rollover arrangements.  


Week 6 commencing Monday 13 November: 

  • Examinations for Year 10 and 11 students. 


Week 7 commencing Tuesday 21 November: 

  • Student Free Report Day on Monday 20 November 
  • Year 10 and 11 Tertiary Taster Tour on Wednesday 22 November at universities and colleges in Melbourne.
  • Year 11 will also visit universities in Melbourne on Thursday 23 November. 
  • Activities Day will be held on Thursday 23 November for all Years 7-10 students and is compulsory. Parents will have received letters about the arrangements.
  • Year 10 students will undertake First Aid Training for their Activities Day. 
  • All students must empty their lockers this week, keeping their locks and diaries for use in the following week. 
  • Student Free Day for Rollover Preparation on Friday 24 November and Year 12 Valedictory Service and Dinner. 


Week 8 commencing Monday 27 November: 

  • Rollover commences with new timetables and arrangements.  We will welcome more than 20 new students on this day.  
  • SEISA Year 12 Leadership Camp will commence at Phillip Island on Friday 1 December. 


Week 9 commencing Monday 4 December: 

  • House Leaders Induction Service Monday 
  • Year 7 Transition program Tuesday 5 December to Friday 8 December. 


Week 10 commencing Monday 11 December:  

  • Classes finish for the end of term at 3.25pm on Thursday 14 December. 


Celebration Night:

Thursday 14 December Celebration Night commences at 7.30pm in Garnsey Hall. All 2017 Year 7, 10 and 11 students plus prize winners and musicians are required to attend.  


Celebration Night, which includes the annual Prizegiving, will be held on Thursday 14 December in Garnsey Hall from 7.30pm. All students and their parents are cordially invited to attend, with Years 7, 10 and 11 students required to attend unless the Principal has been notified in writing prior to the evening. Prize winners of academic, endeavour, all-rounder and citizenship awards will be notified in the week prior to Prizegiving and must also attend. Please mark this important celebration of the end of our School year into your diaries. It really is an enjoyable evening which celebrates the wonderful qualities and contributions of our students throughout the year.