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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Semester 2 starts soon

There have been very few events on which to report this week, as students and their teachers have been focused on completion of courses for Semester 1 and the subsequent assessments that accompany the end of semester. This has been followed by our Report Writing Day, an important day, which allows teachers to manage the important process of providing valuable written feedback to parents. On Tuesday 12 June, we will commence Semester 2. For many students, this may mean no significant changes if they are undertaking full year courses, such as in Year 10; however, at other year levels it may mean a new teacher as students start a new elective. All students will have a new timetable which will be distributed at the commencement of the semester.


Helping Hands

12 Hahn held their Biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday this week raising over $200 for cancer research. I thank them for their commitment to this event over the past three years.


Student achievements


daVinci State Final (Year 7)

On Tuesday 29 May, eight of our students participated in the Year 7 da Vinci Decathlon State Final at Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew, having won the regional competition prior. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students, who were challenged by strong competition from thirteen other independent schools, including St Leonards College, MLC, Trinity Grammar, Camberwell Grammar and Ballarat Grammar.  Students worked as a team on activities in the following disciplines: Art and Poetry; Cartography; Code Breaking; Creative Producers; Engineering; English; General Knowledge; Ideation; Mathematics; and Science. Congratulations to our team, who demonstrated collaborative and cooperative teamwork and a growth mindset. It was a great experience and our students represented our school well.

Team members: Regan, Caitlin, Anais, Emily, Curtis, Oskar, Nathaniel, Finn.



Aaron Barling (Year 12)

Aaron travelled to Wagga Wagga last week to compete in the National Skeet Championships. Although DTL is Aaron’s preferred discipline, he went into this competition with passion and was eager to do his best. He certainly proved he has excellent shooting skills and is a high achiever. In the National Skeet Handicap 50 target event, Aaron shot 45/50 or 55/50 with his combined handicap of 10 from both rounds. This put Aaron in a shoot off for First to Fifth place, although unfortunately he didn’t place. However, this didn’t dampen his spirits, as the next day Aaron shot in the National 20g Skeet Championships 100 target event. Aaron did extremely well in this event, scoring 97/100, placing First in C grade and becoming the junior national 20g skeet champion; well done! It was a heavy program for the week, and next Aaron had the Commonwealth Skeet Championships 100 target event, where he once again proved his natural shooting ability by placing equal First with a score of 92/100. This forced the two contenders into a tough shoot off, where Aaron placed Second, earning himself a silver medal. Due to his consistently high scores throughout the week, he was moved up to B grade where the competition became fiercer. On the Saturday, Aaron competed in the National Skeet Doubles Championships 100 target event, which was his last event for the week. Aaron won gold in both B grade and juniors. He was also awarded the overall C grade High Gun National Skeet Champion title. The week just shows how much Aaron’s dedication and training towards shooting is paying off. We wish him all the best with shooting in the future. Congratulations Aaron.



Plain English Speaking Award

On Monday 28 May, Pierce Kidson-Purry (Year 12) and Becky Strauss (Year 10) competed in the Plain English Speaking Award Public Speaking Regional Final in Warragul where they were required to deliver a prepared six minute speech and then respond to an impromptu topic for two to four minutes. Both Pierce and Becky spoke exceedingly well and did Gippsland Grammar proud, both in terms of their high level performance and in terms of their ability to get along with the other participants, teachers and adjudicators. The competition was fierce. Pierce won the day and will now go on to the semi-final to be held in Melbourne during the holidays. Congratulations to Becky and Pierce.