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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Year 8 Peer Activity Leaders training

Twenty-eight of our Year 8 students enjoyed a day in Blackwood House this week, undertaking training as Peer Activity Leaders (PAL). Heads of Year 7 and 8, Mr Glen Dihood and Mrs Faye Kennedy trained the students, who will now commence activities with their peers. The PAL program works to promote physical activity, enhance social connectedness, provide leadership opportunities and reduce the incidence of bullying. This peer model is utilised to provide valuable skills to students and support the concept and positive aspects of peer role modelling. Students were very positive about the experience and the terrific lunch provided in the boarding house.




Year 10 and 11 examinations finish today and I commend students who have been most co-operative throughout this week, completing the examinations under VCAA rules, which require clear drink bottles and pencil cases, along with the usual requirements of assigned seating and silence. These examinations provide valuable feedback about student completion of such assessments, which remain the key assessment in VCE, and are just one of the assessments provided in the end of Semester report. Reports will be distributed on the final day of Term 2.


Semester 2 starts Tuesday

We will commence Semester 2 on Tuesday 12 June, following the long weekend. For many students, this may mean no significant changes if they are undertaking full year courses, such as in Year 10. However, at other year levels it may mean a new teacher as students start a new elective. All students will have a new timetable, which will be distributed at the commencement of the semester.


Uniform matters

A reminder to students and parents that the new Sports jacket is not a replacement for the school blazer, and can only be worn with the Sports uniform or, if it is necessary to walk in the rain, students may wear it at this time only in order to keep dry. A number of jackets have been confiscated this week as students wore them in classes and this is not something we want to become common practice. A further reminder that a School jumper is available for purchase and students may need this as part of their uniform throughout winter.