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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

As we come to the end of a long Term 2, I want to commend the students on their amazing energy, positive engagement in their own learning, their respectful engagement with each other, their compassion for others and their willingness to embrace so much of what our School has to offer. Many of these qualities are evident in reports, which have been distributed today; however, there is also great feedback in the reports that highlights ways in which students can continue to grow and learn. I enjoyed reading their reports, wish all students a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to their return in Term 3. 


House Cultural Festival

While results were not known at the time of writing this newsletter, the Cultural Festival has again been a highlight of the House calendar and a great way to finish the term. The standard of performance in the musical items was very high and it was wonderful to see some students who are not always at the front of our music ensembles joining in and providing some wonderful performances in a range of genres. The House choir performance was also enjoyable and continues to improve. The Chess matches were very focussed and competitive. The dance routines at both junior and senior level were entertaining and very professional. The staff rendition of a modified version of “I Will Survive” was also warmly received. I commend all the House student leaders, especially the Cultural Captains, for their organisation and leadership in the preparations and performances; it was a fine example of a student led event.




Courage to Care

“One day my mother and I were in a crowd of people rounded up by the soldiers. About one hundred of us were crowded into a flat and held overnight. There was no food – just a bit of bread thrown at us. The next day we were lined up and forced to march – we didn’t know where.” Ernie


“Nearly every day after school I went around to my friend’s house. Then one day when I knocked at the door their maid came out. She told me that I was not welcome and that I could not come there again.” Ana


Courage to Care is about people and the ways in which lives can be affected by acts of discrimination. It is also about the impact of the intervention of those who step in to help and support the victims of such acts – ordinary people, whose actions made a difference. Courage to Care is a social acceptance education and upstander action program that combats prejudice and discrimination. It raises awareness about these issues, encouraging understanding and empathy, and empowering participants to stand up to prejudice and discrimination whenever it occurs. Students are challenged to question and critically reflect on their personal values as they become more aware of the types of behaviour that constitute discrimination, and to reject passive indifference in the knowledge that their actions can and do make a difference.


All our Year 8 students and Year 10 History students visited the Courage to Care travelling exhibition in Sale on Thursday. The concept of being an upstander is so important in our School and it was a wonderful opportunity for our students to engage with these ideas. I look forward to hearing more about this experience and its impact in our School community.


Student Achievements

Darcy Wade (Year 11)

Darcy is one of four male athletes chosen to represent Australia in the Tetrathlon team to compete at the Tyron Equestrian Centre in North Carolina, USA from 14 July to 2 August this year. This is the venue that will also host the World Equestrian Games.  Darcy gained selection after winning the National Junior title for the second consecutive time. He was also a member of the Australian Tetrathlon team that travelled to Ireland in 2016 – placing fourth individually and in fifth place with the team. Tetrathlon is a combination of the sports of swimming, pistol shooting, horse riding and running. The points from each event are combined to determine the overall winner. Darcy started riding when he was eight and regards the riding phase as one of his strongest. The Australian team will compete against teams from New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States. This selection comes on the back of being selected on the Australian team for the World Youth Modern Pentathlon Championships and the Asian Under 19 Modern Pentathlon Championship. What an amazing achievement to represent Australia in two sports! Outstanding, Darcy!



Amelia Norman (Year 8)

Congratulations to Amelia on her selection as a Wellington Shire Youth Councillor this week.

Wellington Shire is very supportive of young people and this role enables youth to provide positive leadership, be instigators of positive change, and to act as role models and leaders within the community. Importantly they also act as a youth voice within local government. As a Youth Councillor, Amelia will be given the opportunity to develop her leadership skills, develop a greater understanding of the community, and to work with other young people on projects encouraging youth participation. I look forward to ways in which Amelia will be able to support young people at Gippsland Grammar to also engage in our community.


Helping Hands Projects

This week the Year 9 students have held their fundraiser for their World Vision sponsored child, Mamba from Swaziland. Year 9 Wills held a successful bake sale on Monday to contribute to their annual support for this initiative.