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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

We have had an interesting focus on our environment this week, with our Green Team running an inspiring assembly on Monday and students participating on a Climate Justice Summit over several days. Below is the prayer for the environment, read at assembly, which highlights the beauty and significance of the environment for all of us.  

Creator God, we thank you that you show your face to us in wilderness and desert places.

We praise you for the deep places of the sea, and for coastlines smashed by surf and caressed by gentle waves.

We praise you for the sun-baked, wind-swept lands, and for rocks and mountains older than human memory.

We praise you for the rivers that sculpt the plains, and for salt lakes that wait for the blessing of times of flooding.

We praise you for the fragile life that flourishes in places too hot, too cold, or too dry for human comfort, and for forests rising through tropical rain and cool southern mist.

We thank you for showing your glory in creation to the first people of Australia, and for their long and careful custody of the land.

We thank you for new ways of protecting the land so that future generations may also rejoice in your handiwork.

Give us grace to recognise your wonders in the dust at our feet and the haze on the horizon, and in all the creatures you have made, in their astonishing diversity.

And give us voices to praise you in awe and gratitude, both now and for evermore.



I feel very proud that our students have been willing to share their passion for the environment with others. Special commendation to those who presented at the assembly: Niamh Van Berkel, Taylah Davidson, Orlando Davidson, Leah Brutovic, Emily Jackson, Andrew Gray and Aaron Barling. Their assembly, which focussed on changing our habits with regard to single use plastics, was very timely. Staff have recently purchased reusable ‘Keep Cups’ and drink bottles and are doing their best to cut down on single use plastics. Having met with CaterCare, who manage our Quad Café, the Green Team are also looking at ways to minimise the use of plastics on campus.  


A group of students, along with Mr Peter Ries, attended the ‘Switched on School’ program at Gippsland Federation University, Churchill this week as part of the Latrobe Valley Climate Justice Summit. The program featured change-making workshops conducted by young leaders, some inspiring speakers and advocates, and workshops on planning sustainability campaigns to make meaningful change.  I encourage all of our students to engage in such community forums and actively participate in the life of our community.


Melbourne Writers’ Festival

A group of students from the Student Book Club were lucky enough to travel to the Melbourne Writers’ Festival on Thursday. They had the opportunity to meet Jessica Townsend, author of ‘Nevermoor’; attend a workshop hosted by authors Demet Divavoren, Sharon Kernot, Mantra and Abe Nouk, and to learn about advertising and copywriting with Crystal Fong and Zoe Norton Lodge from the ABC’s ‘The Checkout’. It was a great experience for the students to immerse themselves in books and reading for the day, which is something they all love. 



SEISA finals

Congratulations to all six teams who successfully made the finals of the SEISA Winter Sports round. Our finalists were: Intermediate and Senior AFL, Intermediate Girls and Boys Soccer teams, Intermediate Netball and Senior Boys and Girls Hockey. A wonderful achievement by all teams.


Year 10 Leadership Camp

Although the weather was not on their side, our Year 10 students gained a great deal from the three-day leadership camp held at Camp Rumbug in Foster last week. Gippsland Grammar’s Year 10 residential leadership program seeks to develop each student’s positive self-concept, building intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to reveal leadership qualities, respectful, collaborative and caring relationships, and the pursuit of wellness and community involvement. Students spent time with their year level participating in a number of activities such as; initiative tasks, teamwork sessions, outdoor education skills, orienteering and character strength and growth mindset concepts. I commend them on their resilience in the face of the cold and wet weather and thank the Year 10 staff for their guidance throughout this program.



Student achievements

Congratulations to our Year 7 students who achieved excellent results in the Big Science Competition. I commend the following students for their achievements.


Distinction Awards:

Abigail Carr, David Ng, Georgia Shell, Matthew Del Mastro


High Distinction Awards:

Jared Lamb, Oskar Wilkinson, Quinn Carmichael, Samithri Kaluarachchi


Keys to Better Health

Dr Peter Brukner, doctor to the Australian Cricket team, will speak at a forum held at the Bundy Hall on Wednesday 5 September entitled ‘Keys to Better Health’. He will be joined by Dr Rod Taylor, an expert in nutrition, and Dr Noel Atherstone, who is passionate about preventative health. Tickets are $12 each can be purchased online at