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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

House Drama

We enjoyed another wonderful celebration of the Arts during our annual Drama festival. More than 70 students from Years 7 – 12 were involved in the House plays held on Thursday and performed again on Thursday night in Garnsey Hall to friends and family. Each performance reflected commitment and collaboration utilising the set theme ‘The Beatles’. Written, directed, designed, produced and performed by students, the plays were great fun, thought provoking and entertaining.


I thank all the staff, especially, Ms Cindy Petersen, House Co-ordinators and our wonderful GAP students, for their support of students, including supervision of rehearsals, and congratulate all students on their performance and contribution to this important House event. 


Best Lead Male Actor                      Flynn Davis (Blundell Bogong)

Best Lead Female Actor                  Shauna Anderson (Wellington Binks)

Best Supporting Male Actor             Rory McLeod (Wellington Binks)

Best Supporting Female Actor         Indigo Ellison (Tisdall Hotham)

Rising Star Award                          Harrison Davis (Blundell Bogong)

Best Choreography                        Mae Ross (Cranswick Dargo)

Best Cameo Performance               Cameron Mekken (Tisdall Hotham)

Best Technical Crew                       Alex Seys and Luca Vuat for Tisdall Hotham

Best Design                                  Wellington Binks

Best Original Script                       Cranswick Dargo

Best Director                                Dakoda Smith (Blundell Bogong)


Overall results 2018:

  1. Cranswick Dargo
  2. Blundell Bogong
  3. Wellington Binks
  4. Tisdall Hotham


Wellness Week 2018

Wellness Week celebrates the many things that contribute to our wellbeing. At Gippsland Grammar, our wellbeing statement describes wellbeing as the positive feelings we have when we are connected, resilient and able to flourish as individuals and a School community.


This week, students have had the chance to try some new activities like yoga; been surprised by the student music choices at the end of lunch; engaged in minutes of mindfulness in their classes; contributed to the Cathedral Pantry Appeal; raised money through a casual dress day; engaged in some random acts of kindness; laughed throughout the House plays; cheered on staff and students in a challenge volleyball game and enjoyed delicious, free, fruity Wednesday gifts from the Prefects.



I hope students will go into these well-deserved holidays feeling that they can make decisions that enhance their wellbeing.


I wish all students, families and teachers a relaxing holiday.