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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Uniform survey

Our survey about the contemporary and inclusive nature of the School uniform has been well received by parents and will remain open for another week. With 372 parents already contributing to this survey, we can see a diversity of views evident in the results to date. A selection of parents’ comments are shown below:


These changes seem to be sensible and inclusive.


I feel students should be able to have long hair as long as it's maintained neatly.


I think it is OK to seek opinion on contemporary issues and ideas, but it is also OK to maintain tradition and maintain a set standard without feeling the need to follow trends. One of the things that sets our school apart from other local schools is the way the uniform is worn and the attention to detail such as amount of make up and adornments worn. Once in the workplace our kids need to know that very often dress restrictions and expectations can be strict and must be adhered to. Workplaces won't always respect personal preferences or choice. I think that so long as the school uniform allows for some small freedoms of choice we should leave it alone.


I would like to see pants as an option for girls in the winter uniform. A pleat or folded dart in the back of the girls’ summer dresses would be a good idea to allow for more freedom of movement.

As long as summer dresses and winter skirts for girls would still be an option, I’m in favour of change.


I believe the tie and current ‘ties off in hotter weather’ rule, is a worthy school tradition to remain.


My daughter would much prefer to wear pants. I believe it will increase her self confidence if she was able to dress as she prefers.


Definitely!!! I find it ridiculous that my 6 year old girl is strapped into a heavy difficult skirt and has to wear tights that she continually is pulling up because they slip down. I have difficulties even buttoning up the shirt that goes all the way up her neck!


Absolutely! The kids are always playing on the monkey bars after school and it is hard not to see their underwear when they are just swinging around playing! Far more practical!


I support current uniform standards.


I appreciate this is about gender equality which really should not be a discussion in a co-ed school in 2018; this should be a given.


It’s great to see the school considering modernising its approach.


I encourage all parents to follow the link below and contribute your opinion if you haven’t already. It’s really important that we understand what the views of parents are and I welcome your honesty and feedback.  


Survey link: 


End of semester arrangements

Time appears to be flying by and we are now preparing for Rollover which commences on Monday 26 November. Our Year 11 students commenced their end of year examinations this week and Year 10s will do the same on Monday next week. The Year 9s are heading to a variety of different destinations next week for their final Outdoor Education program and they have been very excited in their preparations for this event. This all means that teachers are also finalising assessments and preparing for the completion of the final reports for all students. I include below some details about the end of semester program and Rollover arrangements.


Week 6 commencing Monday 12 November:

  • Examinations for Year 10 and 11 students.


Week 7 commencing Tuesday 20 November:

  • Student Free Report Day on Monday 19 November
  • Year 11 Tertiary Taster Tour on Wednesday 21 November at universities and colleges in Melbourne and Geelong
  • Engineers Without Borders Workshops for Year 7 and 8 students on Wednesday 21 November
  • Activities Day will be held on Thursday 22 November for all Years 7-9 and 11 students and is compulsory. Parents will receive letters about the arrangements for these days. Year 10 students will participate in a tertiary tour in Melbourne
  • All students must empty their lockers this week, keeping their locks and diaries for use in the following week 3
  • Student Free Day for Rollover Preparation on Friday 23 November and Year 12 Valedictory Service and Dinner


Week 8 commencing Monday 26 November:

  • Rollover commences with new timetables and arrangements.  We will welcome more than 20 new students on this day


Week 9 commencing Monday 3 December:

  • House Leaders Induction Service Friday 7 December
  • Year 7 Transition program Tuesday 4 December to Friday 7 December


Week 10 commencing Monday 10 December:

  • Classes finish for the end of term at 3:23pm on Thursday 13 December
  • Thursday 14 December Celebration Night commences at 7:30pm in Garnsey Hall
    All 2018 Year 7, 10 and 11 students plus prize winners and musicians are required to attend


Celebration Night

Celebration Night, which includes the annual Prizegiving, will be held on Thursday 13 December in Garnsey Hall from 7:30pm. All students and their parents are cordially invited to attend, with Years 7, 10 and 11 students required to attend unless the Principal has been notified in writing prior to the evening. Prize winners of academic, endeavour, all-rounder and citizenship awards will be notified in the week prior to Prizegiving and must also attend. Please mark this important celebration of the end of our School year into your diaries. It really is an enjoyable evening which celebrates the wonderful qualities and contributions of our students throughout the year.