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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was celebrated in a truly positive and engaging way this week at the Garnsey campus. A Chinese Feast at Blackwood House which included chicken with wood mushrooms, chicken in a delicious broth, duck, slow cooked and glazed pork belly, plenty of dumplings, rice and other treats, was enjoyed by all boarders and especially our five Chinese students who were absent from their families for the first time at Chinese New Year. This is a significant celebration in China when families gather together, exchange hong bao (red envelopes containing gifts) and enjoy fireworks. There were no fireworks at Blackwood House, but Mr Baker did present a red envelope to our students. The following day the Prefects prepared dumplings to sell at lunchtime. These were very popular and limits had to put on the number available to each person. It was great to see the Prefects working alongside Jeffrey and Steven from China in this initiative.


House Swimming Sports

We were very fortunate with the weather on Thursday and were able to hold the Swimming Sports in warm, if overcast, conditions, despite the forecast thunderstorms. Students participated with good cheer. Blundell Bogong came home with the House Spirit Shield and Cranswick Dargo won the House Swimming trophy after a consistent day and some stand out competitors.



Swimming Age Champions 



U/13 Female Champion

NG, Grace Y CD 34.0 points in 5 events. 


U/13 Male Champion

VARDY, Arki J BB 39.0 points in 5 events. 


U/14 Female Champion

O'TOOLE, Tess K CD 24.0 points in 3 events. 


U/14 Male Champion

FRITH, Cohen TH 36.0 points in 5 events. 


U/15 Female Champion

TREASURE, Philippa A BB 26.0 points in 4 events. 


U/15 Male Champion

ANDERSON, Hamish I WB 24.0 points in 4 events. 


U/16 Female Champion

NG, Hannah Y CD 39.0 points in 5 events. 


U/16 Male Champion

MURPHY, Zack CD 21.0 points in 4 events. 


U/17 Female Champion

ANDERSON, Shauna N WB 24.0 points in 3 events. 


U/17 Male Champion

ROSE, Lachlan S WB 23.0 points in 4 events. 


U/21 Female Champion

ROWAND, Hollie A BB 32.0 points in 5 events. 


U/21 Male Champion

EDGAR, Jack M TH 39.0 points in 5 events. 


Prefect Induction

The induction of Prefects was a fitting occasion at Garnsey Campus. These students will now begin leadership training as they commence their role as influential leaders in our School community. I would like to thank Sam Millington from Year 2 who was witness to the signing of the pledge book on behalf of other students. Sam managed this role in the spotlight with great presence and a wonderful smile. The Prefects will head to Phillip Island this weekend to meet with School leaders from other SIESA schools for a leadership weekend and training program.