Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

The start of any School year is a busy time for reviewing and managing a number of important compliance and emergency issues. The staff have attended a number of briefings about Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid issues - especially managing anaphylaxis, asthma and epilepsy - and this week at Garnsey Campus we conducted our first evacuation drill for the year. Staff had prepared students and alarms had been checked prior to this scheduled drill. Last year, we installed a new alarm system and we have recently tweaked some of the signals to make the required response as clear as possible to our School community.


Students and staff managed the drill very well, evacuating to the Athletics oval in a timely fashion. The drill did highlight the importance of knowing who is on campus at any time. I remind all parents that they should enter the School through Reception where they are not required to sign in, unless they are moving with a teacher or staff member to other parts of the school campus; in this case they would need to sign in and wear a lanyard indicating their Child Safety training status. In this way, we can account for all parent visitors. I also remind parents of the importance of early notification of student Daily Absence and the Exit Pass system. The onus for getting an Exit Pass, during the school day, lies with students and we appreciate the support and patience of parents as students are sometimes asked to chase this up rather than circumvent the procedure; our Reception staff cannot give approval for a student to leave the School, as this must come from a Mentor and Head of Year so that we can account for the student in an emergency situation.


All in all, our evacuation drill highlighted the clarity of our procedures and cooperation of our School community. We conduct an emergency drill each term. For the information of parents, we do not allow cars to enter the campus during these drills nor during any genuine emergency procedure.  Were we to experience an emergency and invoke our procedures, we would notify parents via VOS News and email; however, not usually until following a return to normal activities rather than during the drill.


McGhee Street works next week

Parents are asked to pay attention to temporary new signs in McGhee St next week regarding no parking in McGhee Street adjacent to the School near the Music and Year 9 area. This is due to Wellington Shire works to build a footpath from our ISC to the Showgrounds; we have had to make alterations to bus pick up zone in response to these works.