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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Orientation Program

We have been thrilled to welcome the 2018 Year 7 students for their four day Garnsey Campus orientation program this week; our campus feels whole again, with all year levels present and going about their learning with great enthusiasm. The orientation program commenced on Tuesday with a parents and students information session in the Chapel of St Anne. After this, the day was divided into two parts – one for parents and one for students. The students met their Mentors and classes and were able to get to know each other before going to classes and meeting their Peer Support leaders. Parents had an opportunity to hear from a number of staff and meet with Mentors, before information was delivered on ‘Finding Your Digital Spine’, which was presented by a panel of staff and led to further discussion over lunch. As of Wednesday, our new Year 7s were going to classes, Chapel and Sport just like a Year 7 student would. We are thrilled with the confidence, curiosity and excitement evident this week and we look forward to welcoming the Year 7s back in 2018. 


House Leaders

On Monday, we inducted the House Officials for 2018. A ceremony was held during assembly in Garnsey Hall where Mrs Kate Arnup challenged the new leaders to get to know each student in their House to ensure maximum engagement and participation from each of them. It was lovely to welcome many parents and guests of the House Officials to the Induction Service, which was followed by morning tea. A number of students are on exchange and could not be with us for the induction; these students will be presented at the start of next year. Congratulations to the following students: 


Blundell Bogong

House Captains: Alice Jones and Pierce Kidson-Purry

Sports Captains: Erika Allen and Mitchell Evans

Art Captain: Amber Roberts

Dance Captain: Amber MacManus

Debating Captain: Jack White

Drama Captain: Dakoda Smith

Music Captain: Ruby McNeill-Johnson


Cranswick Dargo

House Captains: Amelia Dunnett and Jeremy Gunther

Sports Captains: Claudia Todd and Kieran Hennig

Art Captain: Julia Rainey

Dance Captain: Mae Ross

Debating Captain: Joshua Strauss

Drama Captain: James Stephenson

Music Captain: Charles Harrison


Tisdall Hotham 

House Captains: Taylah Davidson and Samuel Davis

Sports Captains: Paige Barr and George Lancaster

Art Captain: Indigo Ellison

Dance Captain: Eliza MacLachlan

Debating Captain: Lachlan McCutcheon

Drama Captain: Kate Prestney

Music Captain: Cameron Mekken


Wellington Binks

House Captains: Niamh Van Berkel and Bryce Worboys

Sports Captains: Zoe Tacey and Alexander Seys

Art Captain: Ashley Singer

Dance Captain: Shanae Holland

Debating Captain: Kate O'Donnell

Drama Captain: Jessica Lang

Music Captain: Matilda Oram 


French exchange program

We farewelled our students travelling to France as part of the seven week exchange program at our sister school in Caen, France, on Sunday evening. The students have arrived safely and are enjoying French hospitality and culture as they settle in with their host families and into school life in France. Annabelle Lamb (Class of 2017) has also departed for a year long exchange as a Language Assistant at our sister school, Lycee Jeanne D’Arc in Caen. We wish them all well as they enjoy this amazing experience. 


Schoolies in Rwanda

Our adventurous schoolies, Mrs Caithness and Reverend Blaskow have now been in Rwanda for several weeks and will leave the village of Gahini today to travel to Akagera National Park, where they will begin their safari experience before travelling home next week. Below are a few snippets from their regular updates to family and friends. 

Our travel felt like it took a very long time, so we were glad to finally get to Kigali airport in Rwanda. We were picked up in two cars and driven the hour-and-a-half to our accommodation. At Seeds of Peace (where we are staying), we each have our own bedroom with an ensuite. The beds have a mosquito net over them, and the ensuites contain a hand-held shower (with hot water if you are lucky!), a toilet and a basin. Yesterday we were given a tour through the village of Gahini. We saw the diocese office, where we met Bishop Manasseh, the library, the new Cathedral (which is a huge, impressive building), the newly built maternity ward (which is not running yet, but is huge), and the hospital. We then went back to Seeds of Peace for lunch, after which we sat by the lake talking. Bishop Alexis came to talk with us, and everyone was very inspired by him. This morning we went to play with the primary school children (approximately 80 of them); soccer, skipping ropes, duck-duck-goose, etc. We were all quite out of our comfort zones, with the language barrier and being 'swarmed' by lots of children, but we made the most of the time we spent with them.’ 


Final Day arrangements 2017

Next Thursday 14 December, students will complete Periods 1-3 followed by Mentor group and assembly at 11.45pm. A normal lunchtime will be followed by Sport as usual on a Thursday. Many intermediate and senior SEISA team selections will be finalised at this time, as SEISA Summer Sport commences on the second Thursday of Term 1 2018.  Dismissal will occur as normal at 3.25pm and students will bring home their end of Semester 2 report and a copy of Claresco, the School magazine. A reminder that Celebration Night will commence at 7.30pm in Garnsey Hall. 


Helping Hands projects: Blackwood House Christmas Lunch 

Members of our Gippsland Grammar community will once again provide a traditional Christmas lunch to any members of the community who wish to join us at Blackwood House (Boarding House) on Christmas Day. I encourage you to share news of this event with anyone who may like to come along from 12.15pm, entering through the Raglan Street entrance. If you have any questions about this event, please contact