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Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

Parents and Friends Welcome Drinks Friday 16 February

To be held in the Chapel of St Anne, Garnsey Campus, at 7.00pm on Friday 16 February, the annual Parents and Friends Association Welcome Drinks are an opportunity to meet new and current parents and members of the School Executive from across all campuses. I look forward to meeting with parents on this occasion.


Our student leaders have been working hard this week. The Prefects were inducted on Monday and have spent the week establishing goals and actions for the year ahead. We have also appointed Class, SRC and Social Service Captains in each Mentor Group and the SRC will have their inaugural meeting early next week to discuss the election of the SRC Executive. I must also commend our Peer Support leaders who have been working with the Year 7s to assist them in establishing themselves in the School; the Year 7s have had a great week and it is wonderful to see them developing friendships and confidence within the School community.


It was also a pleasure to welcome members of the Class of 2017 into the staffroom for morning tea on Friday. The alumni of the School are important members of our community and this morning tea reinforces their connections with each other and the School. Most of our former Year 12s are heading to cities across Australia to study next week and are clearly very excited and confident about the possibilities ahead, while some are taking a gap year and others have already started work. We wish all the students from the Class of 2017 best wishes in all their future endeavours.

Swimming Sports

Following a successful House Swimming trials this week, we will hold the House Swimming Sports on Monday 19 February. Students will travel to Sale pool after Period 2 for the commencement of events at 11.00am. Details of the requirements are outlined below.

All students should wear their Sports uniform with House shirts to and from School.

Girls: Plain Black one piece bathers or School bathers (shorts can be worn over bathers)

Girls in Diving Pool relay may wear one piece bathers of any colour and may wear School Sports shorts

Boys: Plain Black bathers, shorts, School sports shorts or School swimming shorts.

All students may wear rash vests and must wear hats. House co-coordinators will carry sun block and instruct students to keep hats on when not swimming. No coloured body/zinc/hair spray is permitted at Sale pool. All students when not swimming must remain in their designated House area and wait for House official’s directions.


All families will receive their STAGGFAIR raffle tickets early next week. We ask each family to sell one book of tickets and return them to their campus Reception once they are sold.

Many families will soon receive requests for assistance for stalls; however, if you wish to be involved or have a particular skill or interest, please contact us via Reception to help you get involved.


Registrations for the colourful Dye Hard Fun Run can be made at