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English Department

The Year 12 end-of-year examinations are in full swing and many students sat the English exam last Wednesday. Both Literature and English Language will be examined next week, and we wish students of those subjects well in their preparations.


Elsewhere in the School, students have been refining their skills in debating and the art of persuasion. At Year 9, students adopt a persona as they field questions in a panel-style presentation. At Years 7, 8 and 10, students engage in formal debates, where two teams, each comprising three students, argue a specific case on an issue. Topics for debates have included logging, refugees, and lowering the age of P-platers in Victoria.


Debating is one of those activities that has myriad benefits. Certainly, it develops students’ skills in writing persuasively. But it also raises awareness of issues in Australian society, develops capacity in arguing in a reasoned manner, and can build empathy, particularly when students are required to defend a point of view that differs to their own personal stance. These are qualities that extend far beyond the English classroom, which is why it is such a valued activity on the curriculum.


As the year is soon to come to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my dedicated team of teachers for their support and for their continued pursuit of excellence in the English classroom.


Penelope Monger
Head of English Department