Garnsey Cross Country Report | Gippsland Grammar


Garnsey Cross Country Report

Inter House Cross Country Report

The Gippsland Grammar Inter House cross country was run on 16 May on a pleasant autumn day. Each runner did their best around the track of Lake Guthridge and Lake Guyatt, which created a lively atmosphere for spectators and participants. Congratulations to each House for the fine spirit in which they competed, making the day a great success.


The Heather and Jackie Ingle winners for each division:


Junior Boys: Che Buckley

Junior Girls: Sienna Privitera

Intermediate Boys: Sam Dunnett

Intermediate Girls: Hannah Husodo

Senior Boys: George Lancaster

Senior Girls: Amber Macmanus


Overall House Rankings:

  1. Tisdall Hotham (1128)
  2. Cranswick Dargo (1080)
  3. Wellington Binks (836)
  4. Blundell Bogong (829)


House Spirit Winner:

Tisdall Hotham