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Garnsey Department News

Creative Arts and Technology

Refresh Exhibition Churchill 

Federation University Churchill once again staged their ‘Refresh’ VCE Art Competition. The opening was on Sunday, 27 August with attendances well up. This year Emma Hearnes, Harley Kewish and Breeanna Segafredo entered their oil paintings expressing themes of perceived beauty, suffering through conflict and personal anxiety. Their respective pieces, while not winning, had an impact on the viewers.  

House Art Competition 

This year’s House Art Competition was held in Blackwood Court and consisted of four chalk drawings done on the brickwork in that space. The four House Art Captions for 2017 were Emma Hearnes (Blundell Bogong), Harley Kewish (Cranswick Dargo), Jessica Lang (Wellington Binks) and Samuel Davis (Tisdall Hotham). The task for each of the captains was to design an image that filled a designated space on the wall and the ground, covering an area of approximately nine square meters. The task was made more challenging because the captains had to carefully co-ordinate their team to so that students could get the job done without working at cross-purposes to one another.  

Art Room Mural  

I am delighted to report that the four House Art Captains and helpers have completed an ongoing project in the form of a mural on the entry wall of the art room. The mural, in the form of an oil painting on board, took approximately three school terms to produce during lunch times. The inspiration for the piece was a painting done by Pablo Picasso titled ‘The Studio’ - a challenging image that he painted during his Synthetic Cubist period. 

New Head of Department 

I would like to congratulate Ms Nadine Lineham on her appointment as the new Head of Department for Creative Arts and Technology. She is a very experienced teacher with an extensive knowledge in this area of the curriculum, having held positions of leadership in the past. I wish her every success and can confidently say that she will develop the department to cater for the needs of our students and enhance the overall vision of Gippsland Grammar. 

Frank Mesaric  
Head of Creative Arts and Technology