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GAT (General Achievement Test)


13 June

10:00 am – 1:15 pm

General Achievement Test (GAT)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who sits the General Achievement Test (GAT)?

Year 12 students (VCE/VET) sit the GAT.

Year 11 students who are studying ANY Unit 3/4 subjects in 2018 (VCE/VET) also sit the GAT.

Any Year 11 or 12 students not sitting the GAT will use this time as supervised study periods.  These students have been spoken to by Miss Hahn regarding this time.  There are Unscored VCE or VCAL programs where students will also not sit the GAT as they are not sitting VCAA exams.  They will have ‘Unauthorised Absence’ on their VCAA VCE statement as the VCAA do not regard VCAL or Unscored as an adequate reason to miss the GAT.


  1. What is the GAT and how is it used?

The GAT is a 3 hour test of general knowledge and skills in written communication, mathematics, science and technology and humanities, the arts and social sciences.  The GAT scores are used to check that the students’ examinations, SATs (School Assessed Tasks) and SACs (School Assessed Coursework) have been accurately and fairly assessed and in the process of statistical moderation. The GAT is also used to calculate Derived Exam Scores for the end of year exams if needed. 


  1. What is the timetable for 13 June?

Students will attend chapel and extended mentor group prior to the GAT (they have been swapped for this day only).  When the GAT is concluded, after a short lunch break 1.15-1.45pm, Year 12 students will attend a seminar and Year 11 students will return to normal classes with a shortened period 5.


  1. What is a Derived Exam Score (DES)?

If a student becomes ill or experiences an accident or personal trauma at the time of their VCE exams they may apply for a Derived Exam Score; however, students are advised to attend every exam if at all possible.  It is better to attend the exam and then apply for a Derived Exam Score rather than risk not attending and having an application for a DES denied.  This incidence would result in the student not receiving any score for that subject’s exam.


  1. What information do the students have on the GAT?

Year 12 students participated in a GAT Information Session on 30 May and Year 11 students on 23 May.  At these sessions students received an individual GAT timetable and a VCAA GAT brochure.  If a student was absent on these days they are asked to collect this information directly from their mentors or Miss Hahn.


  1. What are the uniform requirements?

All students sitting the GAT wear full winter school uniform.


  1. Where is the GAT held?

The GAT is held in Garnsey Hall.  Special Provision students should meet at the Hall first before being taken to their separate locations.


  1. What do students bring to the GAT?

Students require lead pencils, blue/black pens, eraser, ruler and unannotated dictionary NOT thesaurus.  No calculators OR whiteout are permitted.  All equipment must be in a clear, plastic zip lock bag and all water bottles must also be clear plastic with no labels.


  1. What should I do if my child is ill on 13 June?

The VCAA require a medical certificate to be submitted via Miss Hahn for any absence due to illness.  The GAT cannot be moved to any other time as it is a state wide external exam set by the VCAA.


Justeen Hahn                                      

VCE/VASS Coordinator