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Information Services Centre (ISC)

It has been exciting to welcome the new Year 7s into the School this week. They have all completed orientation programs in the library (Information Services Centre, or ISC) and most have borrowed books to read over the holidays. They were very enthusiastic about reading and could tell me the many benefits that reading has for them, such as developing knowledge, building comprehension and vocabulary skills, teaching empathy and understanding, learning about others’ world experiences and events in history etc.

Congratulations to our parents and the many primary schools who have fostered this love of reading. The challenge for us is to keep it going throughout secondary school! One of the things we have done at Garnsey Campus this year is to invest in audio book platforms that are simple to use and pleasurable to listen to. It is also something that you can share with your child, especially while travelling.

Audio Books and WorldBook Encyclopaedia

We are excited to announce that this year the ISC has signed on to Bolinda BorrowBox (audio books only) and further expanded our range on the Wheelers Platform to include audio books as well. This is to further encourage our students to read (or should that be to listen?).

You have probably read that the printed book is holding its own against the ebook, but did you know that more people are engaging with audio books? Perfect for our time poor, constantly connected-to-their-mobile-device-students.

Research shows there are many benefits for students. They introduce books to students above their reading level, teach critical listening, introduce new genres that students may not otherwise consider, introduce new vocabulary, and provide a bridge for students and parents to listen together and discuss, as well as being a mindfulness tool.

Where possible we have purchased audio books with Australian voices and the initial response from students has been exciting.

Audio Books can be downloaded via mobile Apps, and also via the website. It is best to do this where there is adequate Wi-Fi. The books disappear after a fortnight and you can also reserve books of interest. They are great on trips, and also great to listen to at night because they have a sleep function. Research is showing that people, especially teenagers experience sleep disturbance from blue light (computers and devices), so an audio book can be an aid in helping people wind down and relax.

Please free to have a look at the platforms via these links.

Bolinda BorrowBox


Remember WorldBook Encyclopaedia? The Libraries at Gippsland Grammar subscribe to the online version of this and encourage our students to begin their search process here. Students in Years 7 and 8 will be given passwords so they can sign on at home.