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Year 12 Camp

Last Wednesday to Friday the Year 12 cohort and their Mentors; alongside myself, Andrew Nicholas, Steve McAnulty and Julie Ripon, headed off to the beautiful Forest Edge in Neerim East for the students’ final school camp as a year level. I would like to thank the staff for their tireless efforts and support. The students are to be commended for their enthusiastic participation and rising to my initial challenge to remember that they would ‘only get out of the experience as much as they were prepared to put into it’.  Below I have included some comments (and pictures!) from students explaining the camp program.

Justeen Hahn-VCE Coordinator



During our Year 12 camp, Ms Henry spoke about respectful relationships, starting with how we perceive men and woman and their attributes. This lead to a discussion about how men and woman are stereotyped and the terminology used related to genders. This finished with us discussing the language that men and woman use with each other to communicate, that can be degrading for both parties. Ms Henry got the group to reflect on where we see gender stereotypes within our school, and then, we offered our feedback to improve this culture.

The camp also included a session where groups discussed the school culture with prefects. The discussion centred on goals that the students would like to achieve and areas where they would like to implement change. It was great to see everyone showing so much passion and enthusiasm in wanting to improve the school culture.

We also participated in two activity sessions which consisted of river sledding, private study, rock climbing, bush walking, high ropes and art. I was in river sledding first which was very funny and exhilarating as a group of us floated down a river on sleds, racing each other to the end. Next, I was in bush walking. After Year 9 bush walking camp, you learn to appreciate not having to lug heavy packs as you spend half of the walk climbing up and down hills. It was nice to be back amongst nature, and was an enjoyable break between lectures and guest speakers.

Julia Rainey- School Vice-Captain



During 2 Day of camp, we were luckily visited by motivational speaker Luke Atkins and Comedian Declan Fay.  Luke Atkins, A Taekwondo instructor, who participated in many gruelling competitions known as ‘Tough Mudder’ and ‘World’s Toughest Mudder’, shared with us his experiences. He expressed that you should do something that you love doing, rather than doing something that will make work feel like a chore. He also demonstrated a passion that we should all strive for when searching for our maximum limit when it comes to life itself giving us inspiration to give anything a go in order to search for our limit and push even further.  Declan Fay, a school misfit who turned out to be a writer and comedian, revealed that school isn’t for everyone; however, you can always find what you love doing, and in Declan’s case, this was writing. Once being embarrassed to admit that he loved to write, made him not fit into school life. But as he overcame that ‘embarrassment’, he found out that no matter who you are, you’ll always find your place in the world. He inspired many of us with laughs and the serious meaning behind his comedic performance. 

Andrew Gray- School Vice-Captain



The Year 12 students were also fortunate enough to listen to a presentation by Drug Education Australia, whose aim is to provide quality and factual drug education to schools and groups. Students were provided with an open ‘non-threatening’ forum to ask unlimited questions and were educated on the risks and health issues associated with drugs. The next day, Mentor Group sessions were conducted to review last year’s reports and the Predicted versus Achieved study scores for each student.  Students could reflect on what they had done well and discuss ways in which they could improve on their grades and use constructive criticism from their reports to better their study habits for 2018. Students also listened to a ‘Study Tips’ seminar conducted by Miss Hahn, which presented different suggestions to improve efficiency, concentration, focus and helpful practices when studying, depending on each student’s style of learning and preferences.

Millie Dunnett- School Captain



Year 12 is, without doubt, the most testing year in an adolescent’s high school experience. We will face trials and tribulations the like of which we have never seen before: the stress from due assessments, the constant flurry of homework and the ever-present reminder of the impending doom of exams. It can often be surmised that a cohort’s bonds, in the classroom and out, ultimately plays a part in their ability to succeed as a year level. Year 12 camp provided a fantastic opportunity to consolidate the relationships that existed in our year level and grow stronger as a cohort. We were encouraged to dress up on the final night of camp and we found ourselves surrounded by pirates, nuns and a wide array of get-ups, many students opting to dress to a theme as a group rather than individually. We played games, bonding as a year group, in what was perhaps our final opportunity to be together as one outside classroom walls. In essence, our Games Night provided already-welcome relief from the heat of the year, and watered the seeds in our cohort for a stronger and more integral ability to achieve.

Joshua Strauss- School Captain




South Eastern Independent Schools Association (SEISA)

Match Summary Sheet-Round Two


Team: Intermediate Cricket

G.G.S vs. St Pauls Traralgon

Overall Score:

GGS: 2/195

St Pauls Traralgon: was all out of 18 (11.2 overs)

PLAYER’S PLAYER: Cal Henning and Spencer Fox

COACHES AWARD: Harper Grewer and Lachlan Hicks

BEST ON GROUND: Jarrod Ingle and Jordan Misseos


Team: Intermediate Boys Basketball

G.G.S vs. St Pauls Traralgon

Overall Score:

GGS: 49

St Pauls Traralgon: 22

PLAYER’S PLAYER: Billy Clifford




Team: Boys B Tennis

G.G.S vs. St Pauls Traralgon

Overall Score:

GGS: 36 sets

St Pauls Traralgon: 7 sets

PLAYER’S PLAYER: Luke Steinfort


BEST ON GROUND: Hunter Pierce


Team: Girls B Tennis

G.G.S vs. St Pauls Traralgon

Overall Score:

GGS: 2/195:

St Pauls Traralgon:

PLAYER’S PLAYER: Tilley Gordyn


BEST ON GROUND: Sophie Sewell


Team: Intermediate Girls Basketball

G.G.S vs. St Pauls Traralgon

Overall Score:

GGS: 63

St Pauls Traralgon: 10

PLAYER’S PLAYER: Aleskia Watkinson

COACHES AWARD: Chelsea Allman

BEST ON GROUND: Jenny Wrigglesworth