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Garnsey News

Head Of Garnsey Campus

As Term 2 finishes, I’d like to commend the students on their amazing energy, their positive engagement in their own learning, their respectful engagement with each other, their compassion for others and their willingness to embrace so much of what our School has to offer. Many of these qualities are evident in reports which have been distributed today; however, there is also great feedback in the reports which highlights ways in which students can continue to grow and learn.

Deputy Principal - Head of Garnsey Campus

This week, the Garnsey campus officially began Semester 2 with a new timetable and a new Arts subject or elective for our Years 7-9 students.....

English Department

It has been a busy time in the English department this semester as we have welcomed four new staff members who are teaching at Garnsey for the first time.....

ISC Department

It has been another busy term for the Gippsland Grammar Garnsey students and ISC staff.....

SEISA - Junior Winter Sport Round 5

SEISA - Gippsland Grammar vs Beaconhills