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Head of Bairnsdale

What a wonderful way to finish the week sharing the day with Correa and Acacia at the Abbey on Raymond Island. Reverend Rich, along with our school psychologist Steve McAnulty, connected beautifully with the children, promoting resilience and self-esteem throughout the day and focusing on wellbeing; spiritually, emotionally and physically. We celebrated time for ourselves and our friends, observed our surroundings, and enjoyed eating camp oven food.   I was pleased to be able to share this experience with them and thank all the staff involved for their commitment to this opportunity.


The lunchtime clubs have been well received with many of our students participating in an enthusiastic manner. I acknowledge and thank the students and staff that willingly step up and assist in leading these clubs.


Melaleuca presented a very interesting Fellowship centred on 'Coding and Programming'. This is certainly a skill of the future and it was terrific that they could share their understanding in such a unique manner. We are all continuing to learn as was evident this week with the parent information night on 'Visible Learning and Solo Taxonomy' at Garnsey Campus. Thank you to those who attended, I am sure you would be most satisfied in the direction the School is moving. The 'learning' continued on Thursday with the presenters spending the day here working with the teachers. Discussion focussed on effective practice and how we as teachers can work collectively to improve student outcomes.


Our Parents and Friends also work hard for our school to provide items that will improve the learning for our children. It was a pleasure to meet with them today and discuss how the funds can enhance the children's learning. Following on from Melaleuca’s theme of coding we have decided to direct our purchase towards technology in the form of WeDo Lego which involves coding, programming, creating, collaborating and inquiry practice. It will be implemented throughout the School as a component of ICT however, it also has the capacity to impact across the curriculum. We thank the Parents and Friends for this opportunity to support our students and teachers.


Our Year 5 and 6 students enjoyed being part of the audience at Garnsey to watch the dress rehearsal of the 'The Addams Family' and appreciated the opportunity to observe such talent. There are a limited number of tickets still available for the remaining performances this weekend and I do encourage you to show your support for the students by going along to watch.


I would like to share some of the student reflections of the performances:


“I thought ‘The Addams Family’ was great and very entertaining. My favourite character was Gomez, I loved the way he used a really suitable accent for how he was dressed. My favourite part was when the bald guy fell in love with the moon.”

Cohen Frith

Year 6 Blackwood


“‘The Addams Family’ was good to watch and interesting to see my favourite character was Wednesday because she was very dramatic. I liked the music it was really good.”

Siennah Mair

Year 6 Blackwood


“At Sale, Blackwood and Grevillea (Year 6 and 5) attended ‘The Addams Family’. A fun filled play with very good characters. My favourite person was Fester, he was very funny and he was a great singer with a very funny tone. The play turned out to be the biggest success and I had lots of fun.”

James Ritchie

Year 6 Blackwood


With School productions in mind, the next month will require a community effort in presenting our Bairnsdale Campus production ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.  We will be seeking assistance with sewing of simple costume items, sourcing props, painting sets and helping with supper during the interval.  To facilitate the making of costume items such as sashes, braces, headbands etc, we will hold ‘sewing bees’ after Fellowship on Friday 11 August, Friday 18 August and Friday 1 September.   Please consider coming along and helping to cut out fabric, sew or embellish.  If you have a sewing machine or overlocker, please bring it along as well. You do not need to be an expert sewer! Work will take place in the Thinking Dome, and as an incentive, Tony will provide tuckshop lunches to the parent helpers.  If you, or a crafty relative, are available to assist, please let Sarah Guinness or Bridgett van Rooij know.  Tickets for the production will go on sale next Friday. To purchase tickets, please follow the link on the Gippsland Grammar website which will take you to the Trybooking page.


With thanks to all for a great week,
Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale