Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

The Thinking Dome was full of excited chatter on Monday morning as we gathered for assembly, ready to commence Term 4.


There was genuine enthusiasm amongst the students as they exchanged stories with their peers. As per our routine, the students were asked to share their community experiences and achievements. Listening to the wide range of activities and sporting events that were mentioned, I was reminded of how fortunate our students are to live in a community like Bairnsdale. I applaud the commitment of our parents who provide these opportunities for their children so willingly and selflessly. 


As a teacher I have always viewed Term 4 as one of celebration as we consolidate our learnings and importantly, our friendships. So it was most timely that Fellowship today focused on welcoming back those Year 12 students from Garnsey Campus who began their learning journey at Bairnsdale Campus, as well as celebrating the turning of the first sod twelve years ago to begin campus construction. The students presented a showcase of their learning under the theme, ‘Growth of Heart, Growth of Mind and Growth of Spirit’. Teachers, along with the students, cleverly demonstrated a few of the many activities and understandings they encounter each day at school to help them grow academically, physically and spiritually.


Later in the day, the Billy Tea Bush Band contributed to the celebrations with music and dancing workshops. We are looking forward to a wonderful family BBQ and Bush Dance event tonight which will be a fitting culmination of Celebration Day.    


Next week our Year 6 students travel to Gelantipy, along with St. Anne’s students, for the next stage in their Outdoor Education experience. We wish them a wonderful time together as they continue the process of transition to secondary school.  


We congratulate and commend our Early Learning Centre staff on a triumphant result in response to the Quality Accreditation requirements, ‘exceeding’ in all areas. This outstanding result is further evidence of the commitment of our staff on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the ELC this week to present the ‘Mystery Bag’. The children were most curious and questioned me with skill to determine the identity of the item. I could see their growth over the year and acknowledge their readiness for school in 2018.  


I shall conclude on this lovely news and wish you all an enjoyable weekend. 

Virginia Evans