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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Last Friday we all enjoyed a terrific House Swimming Carnival with the weather much kinder to us than anticipated. I witnessed great individual sportsmanship and team camaraderie. Our Year 6 team prevailed once again in the teacher, parent, and - newly included - Old Scholars relay race. The big guns I spoke of last week didn’t quite get the job done! The students were thrilled (and a little surprised) to see their teachers swim and cheered Principal David Baker as he swam the last leg for the teachers. The winning House, Blundell Bogong, and age group champions were announced at Monday’s assembly. I hope you will join me at Fellowship next Friday when the trophies and medals are presented.


Mrs Froud was thrilled with the day and asked me to share the following:


‘On Wednesday 7 March students from Prep-6 travelled to the outdoor swimming pool for Gippsland Grammar Bairnsdale’s House Swimming Carnival. The weather was superb and House spirit shone out with all students looking the part in their House colours. The singing of the House chants was amazing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Year 6 students for taking the lead with this.

It was wonderful to see the Prep-2 students enjoying themselves playing a variety of fun games in the Learn-to-Swim pool. The 3-6 students participated in numerous events, which included 50m events, 25m events and novelty events, all gaining points for their House. Another highlight of the day was the Year 6, Parent, Teacher, Old Scholars relay with the Year 6 students claiming the victory. I would like to thank all the teachers and parents who helped on the day. Without your support, days like this wouldn't be possible. Congratulations to all students for their participation and a big ‘well done’ to our winning House - Blundell Bogong - and all our Age Champions.’


House Swimming Results

1st place

Blundell Bogong


2nd place

Wellington Binks


3rd place

Tisdall Hotham


4th place

Cranswick Dargo



Age Group Champions

9 years

Heidi McInnes

Riley Whelan

10 years

Charlotte Klingner

Kael Frith

11 years

Neveah Brown

Lagan Joshi

12 years

Grace Ng

Gus Russell


The District Swimming Carnival is on Wednesday 21 February. We wish all competitors good luck.


School Sport Victoria contacted us recently regarding changes to the swimwear to be worn by younger children in District and Regional and State competitions. As District Swimming will take place next week, it is timely to share this information.


Technical / Performance Suit Restrictions for 9/10 & 11 Years Age Groups Swimmers at SSV Competitions.

Please note that School Sport Victoria will be enforcing and aligning its competition rules with Swimming Victoria’s Swimwear by-laws in relation to Swimming Costumes.  As per our rules, 11 years & younger Boys suits allowed are trunk, aqua short cuts, or classic briefs. 11 years & younger Girls suits allowed are a one-piece swimsuit.


Please note that no ‘jammers’ or ‘jammer style’ swimmers will be permitted.  For further information and the rationale behind this SSV decision, please click here.



Regional sport registrations

Opportunities for participation in sports teams at a Regional level are now available.  School Sport Victoria State Team Trial Registrations are open in; Australian Football, Netball, Basketball, Football (Soccer), Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball. Trial registrations close Thursday 1 March 2018. 


You can find all the details via School Sport Victoria’s website. If you are looking for a document that details the process, please download the Team Vic Online Registrations Process. This will give you all the information you need to know before registering.



The implementation of coding and programming throughout the campus has commenced, with an enthusiastic response at all levels. Working from the Australian Curriculum Digital and Design Technology, Ms Sharen Cameron - in collaboration with our librarian, Mrs Sutherland, and our classroom teachers – continues to enhance the Integrated Units through technology. The Kurrajong students would like to share their thoughts about their experience with coding so far.


“Every Thursday the Year 3 and 4’s go up to Library and Coding.  In coding, the Year 4’s are making a website and the Year 3’s are starting a coding journey with code.org. It’s a great skill to learn to allow you to make different things and understand computers more.”



Today’s Fellowship focused on making good choices in leadership and learning. Our Year 6 leaders, after thoughtful discussion, produced and presented their leadership pledge with much conviction. Rev Rich responded to Scripture and the story of ‘Two Seeds’, demonstrating the importance of being responsible for our actions through our decision making. Our guest speaker, Mayor of East Gippsland Cr Joe Rettino, spoke of the importance of making good choices in leadership.


We are thankful for the opportunity to hear such powerful messages. A special mention must go to our new ‘preppies’, who made their stage debut singing ‘Five Friends’. Our wish for them is a life of great friendships at Gippsland Grammar as they begin their educational journey.


Parent Information Evening

We encourage your attendance at our Parent Information Evening next Thursday afternoon. There will be sessions running in each classroom, during which we will share with you the routines, expectations and events in each class, as well as provide an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher. This is an important step in our partnership with you in the education of your child.


Parents and Friends

A small but committed group gathered after Fellowship this morning to discuss Parent Class Representatives, the Kidshotz photo fundraiser and the Bairnsdale Campus contribution to STAGGFAIR.  Class representatives have been allocated to some classes, however, if you wish to talk about being a parent representative for your child’s class please see Bridgett van Rooij or Sarah Guinness for further information.  The Kidshotz photo sitting will be held here at the Bairnsdale Campus on Saturday 3March.  Families have received a flyer with further information about this, and I encourage you to please share it among your friends.  In relation to STAGGFAIR, the Bairnsdale Campus will again co-ordinate favourites such as the Chocolate Toss, Fairy Floss, Popcorn and Snow Cones, along with some new additions.  Further information will follow in the coming weeks, however, in the meantime, please save the date, Sunday 18 March.  Registrations for the Dye Hard Fun Run are now open, and we hope that families will begin the day with this colourful and novel event.



Child Safety

As we begin a new school year, I would like to draw your attention to our Child Safety Code of Conduct. This is a document that assists us to keep our students safe, and is one that we ask the adults in our school community to acknowledge when they register as a volunteer at our school (refer to this week’s newsletter from Principal, David Baker).

To reach our wider community, especially at this busy time of year when we have a number of events planned, I will share some of the key elements of this document over the coming weeks. If you are planning to attend events such as Sporting Carnivals, Fellowships or when you are on School property, we ask you to please be aware of the Code, and to follow the ‘do’s’ and ‘do not’s’ listed in it. 

This week I would like to draw your attention to three particular Do Not’s, these being:

  • Develop ‘special’ relationships with students that could be seen as favouritism (for example, the offering of gifts or special treatment for specific students).
  • Take or publish (including online) photos, movies or recordings of a student without parental/carer consent.
  • Post online any information about a student that may identify them, such as full name; age; e-mail address; telephone number; residence; school; or details of a club or group they may attend.


I understand that parents like to take photos of their children participating in school activities; however, we all need to be respectful of families who do not wish their children to be photographed. 

I wish you all a lovely weekend now the wild weather has passed. For those keen on ‘Blues’ music, Bruthen is the place to be!


Kind regards,

Virginia Evans