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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Our children always colour our world and that was certainly the case last Sunday at STAGGFAIR. Sharing in the Dye Hard Fun Run with our enthusiastic School community was the highlight of the day for me. Weatherwise we were fortunate to complete the run in fine weather, however the nasty stuff was quickly to follow and restricted many of the planned activities. A very big thank you to those who worked tirelessly prior to the Fair and to all our families who contributed to the day. I commend our senior students who so readily assisted on the stalls, demonstrating responsibility and initiative, particularly when the weather changed.


Once again, I sat in awe of our little musicians as they entertained parents and instrumental teachers at our first Soiree of the year. Music is an integral element of Gippsland Grammar life. Congratulations to all our musicians on your fine efforts.


Communication is the key to a successful partnership. This week the focus has been on the parent teacher partnership through the interview process. Sharing the successes and the challenges builds trust in our partnership, essential to our shared responsibility- educating our children. The planned interviews are important in establishing direction and focus for the following term, however, communication is ongoing. I invite you to feel welcome to share your thoughts or concerns about your children regularly throughout the term.


This morning our 2018 Student Representative Council (SRC) presented an excellent Fellowship. United as a group they helped us understand the importance of our relationship with Gahini High School in Rwanda. Over the years, many of our Year 12 students have travelled to Rwanda for their ‘schoolies’ trip-a decision that clearly demonstrates a sense of both gratitude and giving. Ashlee Robertson kindly shared her experiences with us from her visit to Rwanda in 2016. It was enlightening for our students, who know Ash well from her time spent with us as a ‘Gappie’, and we are grateful for her time.


Tonight our Year 6 parents will share a meal at The Main Hotel. Mrs Penny Rankin and I look forward to catching up with them in this social environment. We will then give the parents some time out as we travel to Melbourne on Sunday with our Year 6 students to participate in the Halogen Leadership conference on Monday.


Enjoy the weekend together.


Virginia Evans