Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Our final week for the term, while only a four day week, has been extremely busy, particularly for our Year 6 students.  As the leaders of our campus, it is important to build their capacity in all aspects. The Halogen Youth Leadership Conference is now in its twentieth year of running and along with 3,000 other school students from across Victoria, our Year 6 students participated in this special day. Our experience commenced on Sunday travelling to Melbourne supported by both Richard McDonald who kindly transported us safely to and fro, and Kim Treasure who ensured our children were well cared for under her watchful eye. We are most grateful for their time and commitment to our school. Mrs Penny Rankin and I were more than proud of the way our students enthusiastically responded to all presenters and made the most of this experience. 


“On Sunday my class travelled to Melbourne to attend the National Young Leaders Day Conference.  The speakers were amazing.  Each one spoke about something different, like being yourself, believing in your dreams, overcoming challenges and that responsibility comes with a badge.  My highlight was holding a really long snake!  We all learned so much and will be sure to put it into action at our school.”

Pippa Young


I further congratulate our Year 6 students on their responsible and collaborative approach to organising the games for our Easter Service on Wednesday at the Abbey on Raymond Island. This was an important part of the day where the students joined together for some friendly interaction. Oscar Dullard deserves a special mention as a result of his meaningful delivery of our Easter reading. The day itself required detailed organisation and I acknowledge and sincerely thank Mrs Joy Hay- Smith for her support in preparing this day.  We were, as Rev Rich said, blessed with an ideal day in what could only be described as a beautiful seaside location - a perfect place to celebrate our Easter service.  Our Preppies who have just completed their first term at school were thrilled with the day, stating that the day was just fantastic! 



Our ELC students proudly presented their Easter bonnets in front of their Year 5 buddies and the junior students.  They were bright and colourful and creative in design, well done to all.


Sadly, Mrs Fiona Carr has missed the celebrations this week as she has unfortunately torn her Achilles' tendon and will be out of action for some time. The holidays will allow us to understand the implications of this and we will keep you updated prior to the commencement of Term 2. We wish her well and a quick recovery. 


The Bairnsdale campus hosted the Gippsland Grammar Board meeting on Wednesday night and it was lovely to have the opportunity to showcase our campus. Thank you to Kate Young who currently represents our campus on the board and contributes significantly to this process. 


With an early Easter, the term’s end has come quickly and yet we have managed once again, to have enjoyed many special events. Thank you to all who have contributed to these events and allowed us to have a great start to 2018. I wish you all a very safe and happy Easter with family and friends and will look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday 16 April, well rested and ready for another busy term.


I will leave you with this prayer for the Easter break. 


As we gather together as a family and friends we invite you once again into our lives.

May the hope of your resurrection colour our days.

May the promise of your spirit working in us light up our lives.

May the love you revealed to us shape our giving.

May the truth in your word guide our journeys,

And may the joy of our kingdom fill our homes.

As we gather together underneath the banner of your life,

We thank you for all the wonderful food that we enjoy,

And celebrate your glorious resurrection.

Thank you Lord.


Happy Easter!


Virginia Evans