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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

As the Bairnsdale community gathered at the Cenotaph on ANZAC day to remember those who fought for their country, I stood beside our Gippsland Grammar students with pride. Having Garnsey Prefects Arron Barling and Jeremy Gunther marching with our Campus Captains, Gus Russell and Georgia Steel added to the occasion and enhanced our presence as a school. On an occasion when uniforms create a sense of identity and belonging, I commend our students for their fine attitude and spirit as ambassadors of Gippsland Grammar. Listening carefully to the key speaker, the students were able to understand that while we remember those in the past, it is just as important to think of those men and women currently serving our country. Within our school community we have such members to whom we are most grateful.


The Anzac Day March was a prelude to what was a respectful and moving Fellowship run by Grevillea and Mrs Carr today. An Anzac service is always somewhat sombre as we listen to the sad stories of the past and learn of the hardships of war. However, it is with hope that they fought and it is with that hope that we must always look forward. Thank you to Emily Jackson who so expertly played The Last Post and The Rouse.


Our Academic Care model seeks to promote wellbeing using positive educational approaches. We acknowledge the inexplicable connection between wellbeing and learning; a calm and focused environment is one strategy. This week we introduced the ‘Breathe Project’ across the School, a program designed to centre one’s focus and settle ourselves through a simple breathing technique, thus creating that calm environment conducive to learning. Teachers and students from all year levels were involved and it is our intention as a staff to continue to use this simple technique. Ms Annie Crowe will assist us in this program with the intention of implementing a 2-3 minute daily routine of mindful breathing after recess. We will introduce the technique to the children slowly. Encouraging our students and staff to be still and quiet for a short time should affect positively on their day and general wellbeing.


Nothing pleases me more than to see a past student return to our school in pursuit of a teaching career. Acacia has the pleasure of Miss Olivia Perrin - a third year placement teacher - working with them for two weeks. Olivia remembers working together on the school prayer and understands well the significance of the words. We warmly welcome her back to our school community.

Melaleuca and Kurrajong attended the East Gippsland Field Days today and returned laden with goodies gathered along the way. Sampling the local products was a highlight. If you are visiting the Field days tomorrow, please call in to the Gippsland Grammar tent at H8 to say hello.


Finally, I ask that you support our campus by promoting Open Week, inviting friends, colleagues or interested parties to tour our unique school during the week of 7-11 May. Please see our Open Week flyer for details.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, particularly the Morton family who will be enjoying Dylan’s special wish from the Make-a-Wish foundation, a charity we all supported last year.


Virginia Evans