Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

I set our students a challenge each week at Monday morning assembly. It generally focuses on our CLERR values, with the intention of making our campus a welcoming place where all feel valued and safe. It may be things like being responsible for our equipment, being punctual, including others in our games or using a growth mindset when things are difficult. Although we focus on a weekly challenge, we would obviously like these behaviours embedded in our daily routines.

In the last few weeks, I have encouraged the students to use people’s names in their conversations, and to acknowledge visitors to our School by name. I have explained to the students that hearing your name promotes a sense of belonging in our community and a feeling of identity. It is pleasing to acknowledge that many of our students have responded to this challenge and I encourage you to support this process at home.  

We are very pleased as a staff with the level of interest in the Parent Reading Workshop next Tuesday at 9.00am in Banksia. We look forward to working in partnership with you to enhance your understanding of the reading process to the benefit of your child.

Thanks to Dr Ari Kantzides for his time in providing a flu shot for all of our staff. We are all encouraged to take this precaution with the approaching winter months and flu season ahead. The convenience of the service at school was certainly appreciated.

On Thursday, a group of athletes headed off to Berwick to join both St. Anne’s and Garnsey students to represent Gippsland Grammar at the SEISA Athletics Carnival. I would like to thank Maddy McCarrey for accompanying Gus, Jorja, Jessica, Grace and Aiden for the day. They all competed strongly with place ribbons being won by Aiden and Jessica for long jump and Grace in javelin. Gippsland Grammar won the event by a large margin, with many records being broken.

I attended the Interschool Gymkhana on Thursday to support our five riders - Hannah Cameron, Lateesha Smith, Charlee Latham, Maddy Davidson and ELC student Jasmine Lynch. I watched with great interest as our students cleverly directed and urged their horses to perform the required movements. To represent their school on a horse is an opportunity that many city children could only dream of. 

Acacia students along with Mrs Crowe will be sad to see Miss Olivia Perrin leave at the end of this week. Olivia has been a lovely addition to our staff and we look forward to her return later this year.

Grandparents Day was filled with excitement as the students enthusiastically and proudly welcomed their grandparents to our campus. A lovely Fellowship was shared by all, confidently run by our Year 6 students. Our readings centred on the contribution our grandparents make towards building the foundations for the future of their grandchildren. Hearing from Reverend Brenda Burney for the first time at our Fellowship was terrific. We look forward to many celebrations together. It was an absolute delight to listen to Lynette Treasure and her granddaughter Lola Roberts as they spoke of the strong relationship they share. The day was titled, ‘Grandparents Day’, however it was such a lovely day for all. A sincere thank you to our parent body who kindly donated morning tea and special thanks to those who assisted in the organisation.

School photos will be taken on Tuesday next week.  I ask that students take special care with their appearance on this day, with shoes polished and hair neatly presented. Please remember to return envelopes on or before this day.

I look forward to show casing our beautiful campus during Open Week. Once again, I ask that you share our story with friends and colleagues and invite them to tour our campus.

With warm wishes for the weekend,

Virginia Evans