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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Open Week has provided a great opportunity to showcase our terrific campus. There has certainly been a buzz in the air with school tours, information sessions and our ELC Open Morning, which were all very well attended. It was great to see so many of our parents taking the time out of their busy days to attend our Early Years Literacy Workshop on Tuesday morning, with the intention of assisting their child in the process of learning to read.  Thank you to Mrs Joy Hay-Smith for presenting the workshop and to the junior team for their part in the preparation for this event.


When touring the school with parents, I often speak of the strength of a three campus school and the excellent opportunities this presents for our students. The Autumn Concert held at The Wedge in Sale on Wednesday night is one such example. Eva Harasymiw and Grace Ng combined with St. Anne’s and Garnsey students to perform on what I can only describe as a magical night. Pippa Young was in the audience and was pleased to provide the following report.

“This week, I travelled to Sale to watch Gippsland Grammar’s Autumn Concert. Every act I saw was phenomenal …the students were so incredible. The talent blew everyone away, but that didn’t stop my fellow Year 6 friends Grace Ng and Eva Harasymiw from performing just as great as the Garnsey students. Watching the Autumn Concert, I felt very proud of the school I belonged to and will be sure to attend next year as well.”

We shared another beautiful Fellowship today as we celebrated our mothers and the special women in our lives. Ms Cheadle and the boys and girls of Correa demonstrated how important they are in our lives. A highlight of the Fellowship was hearing from Nicole Reynolds who expressed her joy in being mother to her two boys, Samuel and Benjamin. Thank you Nicole for sharing your thoughts with us; I believe your heartfelt words ring true for many of the mothers in our community.


My boys make me very proud every day. Andrew and I know that our key roles in Samuel’s and Benjamin’s lives are short, as we parent for happiness, self-sufficiency and independence. We only have a brief time to build capacity, resilience, create opportunities and options. Our role is to teach but also to learn from our boys as challenges and opportunities are presented. The journey of being a mum is amazing. It has provided a new way of approaching life and a new set of friendships. I value very much the connections I feel with the other mums and special women within the Gippsland Grammar community. There is an amazing sense of agreed approach and respect for one another. Each of us is busy. I value the way that we flex to each other’s ‘Mum needs’ and help each other the way we are able. ‘Mum friendships’ are about sharing a common philosophy, laughter and friendship. I love the conversations we have. Thank you for the waves in the car park, smiles in the playground and general encouragement. The sense of belonging, connectedness and common values is very important in our roles as Mums.”


To complete our week we enjoyed a lively session singing and dancing along with the Fire and Clay Christian rock band. They sent a positive message to the children through their songs. Their mission is to guide younger generations towards understanding their value and the power of their life choices. Fire and Clay consider themselves role models, directing youth towards understanding their full potential through music, entertainment and education. 


It has been a very busy week indeed! Focusing on the word ‘busy’, I am concerned about safety in our car park in the mornings. I do ask that all drivers observe our car park rules. Please drive slowly and with an awareness of the people around you. The centre strip with the zebra stripes is for walking only. We ask that you do not drive over this centre strip, but rather ensure that you reverse out of your car park and use the turning circle at the end of the car park. We have very precious children to keep safe.


In news from our Tuckshop, Tony Avron-Cotton has resigned to take up a position at the Air Force base at East Sale. We wish Tony all the very best in his new endeavour and invite you to join us as we farewell him at Fellowship next Friday. We have appointed Mrs Ann Smith to take over the reins from Tony, and look forward to sampling her delicious fare. Please note that from the week beginning 21 May, the Tuckshop will operate for two days a week only - Wednesday and Friday. Tony has asked us to share the following message.


After seven years, a few hundred kids and approximately 14,000 cookies, it’s time to hang up my apron. If you don’t already know, I have accepted a traineeship in Aeronautical Engineering (something I did in the Royal Navy) at East Sale RAAF station. I am extremely excited with this new challenge, however it will be sad to say goodbye to so many friends that I have made in my years at Gippsland Grammar.  Teachers often say that if you’re having a bad day, you cannot help but have your spirits lifted by happy children. I will miss all the calls of “Hello Tuckshop Tony!” and all the little drawings and messages on the lunch orders. I would like to thank all the helpers (who become friends) over the years. What a fine bunch of chaps you all are!  I wish everyone success and happiness, and be sure to say G’day if you see me out and about.’ 


To all the mothers and special women in our lives - have a lovely weekend.


Virginia Evans