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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Reconciliation Week for our campus commenced last Friday with Blackwood’s Fellowship. We have flown the Aboriginal flag this week as a sign of respect and acknowledgement for this significant event. Thank you to the classes that have contributed to our timeline to further acknowledge the history of our great country.


Our ELC students had the school all to themselves on Wednesday, as the senior and junior students went their separate ways. Our senior students battled hard in both the netball and soccer Winter Sports Division competition. While they will not progress further this time, their results were commendable and - as always - we are very proud of their efforts. Thank you to Mrs Elisha Froud, Mrs Lucy Leeming, Maddie McCarrey and one of our Dads, Javier Rodriguez, who kindly assisted on the day.

Eva Harasymiw was a part of the soccer team and shared the following recount.

On our first game we played Bairnsdale West. The strikers played well and missed many goals in the 1st half. Then in the 2nd half they made up for it scoring 3 goals. The score was 3 (us) to 0 (Bairnsdale West). Next we played Saint Mary’s. We all tried our very best, but sadly that wasn’t enough. The score was 0 (us) to 4 (St Mary’s). After, we played Lucknow. Lateesha, Grace and me apparently played very well, and I think we did well too. Our score was 3 (us) to 0 (Lucknow).

Oscar Dullard submitted this report on behalf of the netball players.

On Wednesday the 30th of May, years 5 and 6 competed in the local district winter sports competition. This was our competition day after 7 weeks of training. These training sessions allowed us to see which position suited us best along and which team would we be placed in. Eventually I was placed in the B team which I found good as a defender as I was getting the ball pumped down to my area. As I don’t usually play Netball, it was hard to adjust to some of the rules. I found it hard to get rid of my stepping but even harder to get my three feet to prevent a contact. I eventually got my pesky stepping out of my game and I got better at preventing contacts. I also got better at certain positions and learnt how to play them better. I played all the positions in training but only GD (goal defence) and GK (goal keeper).  I thought it was a ripper day and there was great Netball played. Although we didn’t get the result we were hoping for I really enjoyed it and I have learnt so much along the way.

Our juniors headed to The Wedge in Sale to be thoroughly entertained by our St. Anne’s friends as they confidently presented the musical Aladdin. The costumes, singing, sets, camels and music delighted our students. The Bairnsdale campus will present another musical next year. We look forward to once again offering our students a chance to perform and celebrate the many and varied talents in our community. 

We welcomed Dennis Huffer to our campus on Thursday to assist the students in their preparation for our Athletics day in third term. I watched with interest as he encouraged and supported each student to master the skills of high jump, long jump and triple jump.

In staffing news, I wish to inform you that Mrs Tomomi Wynne has recently indicated her intention to resign from her position as our Japanese teacher, effective the end of Term 2. Tomomi is excited by her new passion for self-development and coaching, which she has now turned into a small business. She is very excited to be pursuing her career in education on a different level and helping to make changes in the lives of individuals. I would like to thank Tomomi for her contribution to the School and wish her well with her new venture.

I am delighted to announce that Mrs Etsuko Boulton will be joining us to teach Japanese from the beginning of Term 3 and will accompany the Japan Trip in 2019.  Etsuko comes to us with a wealth of experience and high praise as a teacher of Japanese. We look forward to welcoming her to our school. Mrs Jan Chalmer has agreed to take over as tour leader of the 2019 Japan Trip, and with her vast experience leading these trips, will be a wonderful asset to the group. 

Planning for 2019 is underway. The ELC will make its first round of offers today, with further offers for ELC places to be made in the coming weeks. Prep Enrolment Interviews will also begin before the end of the term. If you are aware of any families in our community who are considering a Gippsland Grammar education for their child, starting in either the ELC or the school, please encourage them to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Our week has moved quickly with today being set aside for report writing. This is a great opportunity for the students to enjoy a three-day break, allowing them to conquer any colds, tiredness or homework!

I do wish you all a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Virginia Evans