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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

The notion of lifelong learning was very evident on Tuesday afternoon as Heidi and Reuben McInnes’ grandparents arrived at our reception with violins in hand. Assuming they were for their grandchildren, I was pleasantly surprised that they themselves were heading down for violin lessons with Hilary Rigg, our new violin teacher. Our school promotes a culture of thinking and building metacognition capacity and this was a wonderful example for all. Having attended the soirée at St. John’s the previous night, to celebrate our student’s instrumental endeavours, I had to smile at the joy that music brings to our lives. Congratulations to Ashur Hunter, Aiden Rodriguez and Ashleigh Brutovic who performed at their first soirée.


Following on from Reconciliation Week, Melaleuca and Kurrajong reinforced and extended our understanding of Aboriginal culture by presenting their learnings at Fellowship today. We thank the students for sharing the history and traditions of Aboriginals with such enthusiasm, particularly through their singing.


Correa and Banksia were the lucky ones today, taking the opportunity to visit The Abbey on Raymond Island to celebrate the natural environment and being together, planting shrubs and grasses to help rehabilitate an area of this special place. Rev. Rich and school psychologist Steve McAnulty accompanied the group and all enjoyed time for reflection in the chapel. Once again, the students experienced sharing a meal, however this time in the form of bush cooking, with potatoes cooked in the campfire.    


The Hikarigaoka girls from our sister school in Japan will arrive early next term, staying for approximately four weeks. School families billet the girls, which is an enriching experience for all involved. We are currently seeking one more family to host a student. If this is something you may be interested in getting involved with, I encourage you to contact the office at either Bairnsdale or Garnsey campus at your earliest convenience.


The Queen’s Birthday weekend is welcomed by many of our families, being the official opening of the snow season. With an extra day to relax, I hope you all enjoy it either on the snowfields, cheering your football team on, or competing in a team sport like Blair Bain, who is playing soccer in Shepparton for the Latrobe Valley squad team.  


Regardless of your choice of activity, I wish you a lovely time with family and friends this long weekend.


Virginia Evans