Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Over the last few weeks, I have toured a number of potential families through our campus. While there is much information to share about our campus, I always commence our discussion with our statement of wellbeing. ‘Wellbeing refers to the positive feelings we have when we are connected, resilient and able to flourish as individuals and a school community.’ I believe this is the foundation of a successful education. For our students to feel that sense of belonging, to foster a growth mindset and to learn in an environment that is both inclusive and accepting is our highest priority.


Today our SRC confirmed the importance of my thinking by focusing their Fellowship on wellbeing. Wearing clothes to school that make us feel happy and relaxed was the order of the day. Ms Jan Henry led us through a mindfulness activity where we focused on our breathing and cleared our minds of distractions. We are grateful to Brett and Michelle Rawlings and their team who kindly demonstrated the importance of physical activity for our wellbeing. Our students participated enthusiastically before sharing a fruit platter, highlighting the importance of healthy eating. It is days such as today that create positive feelings throughout the campus as we celebrate and promote wellbeing together. Congratulations to Mrs Hay-Smith and our committed students in the SRC.


Working alongside the SRC to better our environment, our Greenteam are excitedly preparing for our recycle market next week. Please support this initiative by helping your children to clear their cupboards of unwanted toys etc to fill the classroom tubs for selling at the market. Please see the note for further detail.


Yesterday Kael Frith represented our campus at the regional Cross Country, placing 27th in a strong field. I commend Kael for his cheerful approach in all that he does, striving to be the best he can.


Dare I say that rain is on the way! For our farmers’ wellbeing, I am very happy to sit in front of the fire and enjoy the sound of the rain on the tin roof.


I wish you all a relaxed and peaceful weekend.

Virginia Evans