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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Our students certainly do experience a rich learning environment. Our school’s professional growth and feedback program allows me to observe classes in action; it has been most pleasing to see the successful implementation of Solo Taxonomy across the curriculum. Students are actively engaged in their learning and feel empowered by the direction, the learning intention and success criteria provided. Positive feedback to students from both the teacher and their peers is integral to the process. I am grateful for the commitment and collaboration of our staff to strive for excellence in their teaching practice.


A number of terrific events this week have further complemented our learning environment. These included a photography exhibition presented by our Years 5 and 6 students, a Biathlon Workshop with East Gippsland Biathlon’s Ryan Buckley, Kim Treasure and former Italian National Team member and Assistant Coach Emil Bormetti, and a Market Day focused on recycling and reusing to reduce rubbish.


Angus and Dylan’s mum, Kelly Pownall, generously shared her knowledge and expertise in photography, encouraging the students to explore the arts in a different media. The Years 5 and 6 students cleverly matched their photos to poems they had composed independently. They were proud to present their work to their parents, many of whom came to view their exhibition in the Thinking Dome on Thursday.

The basketball court was action packed as the children were put through their paces on Wednesday.  Archie Treasure provided the following information about the day:


Biathlon Visits Bairnsdale

On the 20th June, Gippsland Grammar Bairnsdale had an international visitor come to the school. The visitors name was Emil. Emil is an Italian International Biathlon coach and also sometimes competes in Biathlon events. Biathlon is a sport that involves cross-country skiing and shooting targets. In biathlon, first you ski and then shoot. When you get to the shooting part you must calm your breathing down to focus on the accuracy required to hit the targets because you have just skied as fast as you could. When you shoot you get 5 shots to hit 5 targets. If you miss any targets, then you must ski penalty laps.

Emil came to the school to demonstrate the sport of Biathlon to the students. At Bairnsdale we didn’t have snow, so we made a bit of an obstacle course with hurdles, skipping and running to get our heart rate up to simulate skiing before the upcoming target shooting. Because the kids can’t use real rifles we used laser rifles to hit electric targets. All of the kids had great fun, and they especially liked the shooting part. I hope some kids will like the sport of biathlon and maybe might even join our local club, East Gippsland Branch of Australian Biathlon Association.



Any market is a bustling hive of activity and ours was no different as our students bartered for bargains. It was a huge success, evident in the happy faces and overflowing bags. Thank you to the Green Team, the families who donated their unwanted goods to sell and Ms Crowe for such an innovative idea. The money will continue on the sustainability theme contributing to changing our current lighting to LED.



Our Years 5 and 6 students travelled to Garnsey campus today to join fellow House members for the School’s annual Cultural Festival. This is always an entertaining event and an important opportunity for the Bairnsdale senior students to see some of the wonderful opportunities ahead of them at senior school.


Being the end of term, we sadly farewelled Mrs Tomomi Wynne, with Georgia Steel speaking on behalf of the students and Gus Russell presenting a mulberry tree for her orchard. We wish Tomomi well as she moves on to a new venture in the world of business. The students have met our new Japanese teacher Mrs Etsuko Boulton who we will welcome to our staff in Term 3. Etsuko is very excited to join our campus.


I congratulate all of our students on a terrific first semester. In reading their reports there is much evidence of the rich learning environment that enhances our students learning.

It’s now time to enjoy a well-earned rest; for those travelling be safe, for those staying home, enjoy the beauty of East Gippsland.


With best wishes,
Virginia Evans