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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Our week commenced with a sense of excited anticipation as we awaited the arrival of Chè Buckley who completed his fundraising ride from Wangaratta to Bairnsdale. It was a terrific occasion for all and the welcoming cheers recognised Chè’s fine effort. It was a proud moment for his family, particularly his grandmother Margaret Cotter, whose battle with cancer provided the inspiration for Chè’s initiative.

Not to be outdone, our students from Banksia and the ELC donned their helmets to participate in bike education under the watchful eye of Gary Jackson. Gary, a past parent, ensured that helmets were well fitted and bicycles were safe. We acknowledge and thank Gary for volunteering his time.

As a staff, we are committed to providing an environment conducive to learning and we work hard to achieve that goal. Being recognised and rewarded on World Teachers’ Day by our parent body with a delicious morning tea was certainly well received and appreciated. Thank you to those who contributed to the morning tea and to Pip Smith for her kind words on behalf of the Bairnsdale Campus parents.

The sound of African drumming could be heard once again as the second group of Year 6 students commenced the DRUMBEAT program, with me, again, learning right beside them. In the introduction, we heard that the African Drum was traditionally used for communication, relaying important messages about life events. So listening is an important part of drumming, understanding the message in the rhythm. We are grateful to Gippsland Lakes Community Health for delivering this program. The intention is to build emotional resilience, a necessity for a smooth transition to secondary school.

Preparation and practice are underway for the upcoming House Singing Competition. Our Year 6 leaders, in consultation with their House teachers, have selected songs to present. I look forward to hearing the final result in a few weeks’ time. Families are welcome to join us on Wednesday 15 November to enjoy the performances.  

When touring new families through the school, I am always proud to speak of our Green Team’s commitment to sustainability. Led by Mrs Annie Crowe, today’s Fellowship further informed us of the valuable influence the team has on our school. Zoe Croft from East Gippsland Water attended today’s Fellowship to present prizes to the winners of the East Gippsland Water ‘Waterwise’ poster competition. 

Congratulations to Georgia Steel, Cindy Chen and Taylor Dennett whose work was recognised and rewarded.  I was pleased to be presented with a packet of sunflower seeds for the sunflower growing competition, and will participate with enthusiasm.  I would also like to thank Geoff Stagg for accompanying the Bairnsdale Singers on his guitar as they sang the Crowded House song ‘Weather with you’.

While the rain may have impeded some play this week, it has been well received by many as the warmer weather approaches.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.
Virginia Evans