Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Our return to school has been a smooth and happy one, with much laughter and chatter to be heard. We welcomed the Newstead family to our school community, with Josh commencing in Kurrajong and Tess in Correa. As always, our students have ensured their transition to our school has been a happy one. A lovely story to share is that of Paul Ng, who was aware of Josh coming to our school. To assist in the transition, he bought Josh the book ‘Wonder’, which is of great significance to the class of Kurrajong. These little acts of kindness are to be commended.


We also welcomed Mrs Etsuko Boulton to our staff and school community in the role of Japanese teacher. Etsuko has been busy over the holidays preparing her room to create an inviting and conducive learning environment. Spending some time this week in the Japanese classes, and through Etsuko’s response to her first week, I can see the transition has been a smooth one.


As mentioned previously, it has been our intention to enhance the wellbeing of our students through the ‘Breathe’ program, encouraging them to be still and calm through mindful breathing. Each day after recess the students will make a gentle entry to their classroom and then for two minutes, our campus is still and quiet, allowing all to refocus for the learning ahead. Our students and staff have responded well and, while some have found it a little challenging, we believe that the benefits are well worth the challenge. As a staff, we congratulate the students on their response to the routine of ‘mindful breathing’.


Having the first day back student free, allowed us as a staff to further explore and prepare the new learning management system ‘VOS’. I extend a well-deserved thank you to Mrs Fiona Carr and Mrs Penny Rankin who facilitated the day. The day was most productive as we worked collaboratively, with the focus centred on enhancing student learning and teacher practice.


Next week will see our recess and lunchtime clubs commence, noting a new club, that being the Knitting Club run by Ms Cheadle and Mrs Jefferis. We will re-commence Dance Club, Walking Club, Book Club, Lego Club and Coding Club. Our students are excited about the opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends through a shared interest.


Mrs Froud has asked families to please collect corks for a swimming activity. Please ask family and friends to save their corks and bring them into school any time between now and the end of the year. This will be a much more challenging collection than in the past, so please ask around your networks.


A group of Bairnsdale students travelled to Phillip Island to represent our school at the SEISA Cross Country on Thursday. The conditions were wild and woolly, requiring mental strength in addition to running skills!  Well done and thank you to Jadah, Gus, Grace, Elsie, Lola, Ashley and Lochie who put in their best efforts in the trying conditions to contribute to Gippsland Grammar’s win on the day.

We received the ICAS Digital Technology results during the holidays and were pleased to note that almost half of the students who sat for this competition, were awarded either a certificate of merit, credit or distinction. Special mention must go to Hudson Ray-Daminato whose score was in the top 5% of Year 4 participants in Australia.  We look forward to seeing the students’ digital technologies skills develop through our Coding program.


Next Friday we will come together for the first Fellowship for the term. Our Prefects from Garnsey Campus will be coming to present this to us, and I strongly encourage parents to come along at 9.00am for what promises to be a very entertaining Fellowship, offering a glimpse into the life of the students at Garnsey Campus.


Thank you to all for a positive start to Term 3.


Kind regards,

Virginia Evans