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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

While our Prep students were thrilled to see Mrs Sue Chapman last week and Ms Libby Crowe this week, both were upstaged by another new member to the class - ‘Freddy the Snowman’. Although his time at Gippsland Grammar was short lived, his impact was high. The excitement of building a snowman at school was obvious. Fred provided an excellent stimulus for writing, please see the exciting adventures written in this week’s Big Write session. 


“On a very sunny day the Preps made a snowman. They named him Freddy. One day Freddy started to melt and the day after he finished melting, but then he came back to life.”


“In the school there was a snowman. He was Freddy. Freddy left the school and he went on an adventure up the mountains and made a new best friend.”



Thanks to Sarah Guinness for providing this great opportunity for our students.


Thinking of others appears to be the theme of the week. I had the pleasure of listening to the Ng family perform on Sunday as they entertained the residents at Maddocks Gardens. As a school, we promote the importance of ‘Service Learning’ and this was most evident in the interaction and enjoyment the residents received from the Ng family. I also understand the Dean family have worked tirelessly in organising a fundraiser for a young family in need in Bairnsdale. Giving our time and commitment to others is to be highly acknowledged in these busy times. 


Lunchtime clubs have resumed this term. The introduction to Knitting Club included the art of finger knitting. Watching it grow and grow added to the fun!  Georgia Steel once again competently and enthusiastically ran Dance Club, with many of our junior students clearly in the moment. We were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day for the first day of Walking Club for the term, which was enthusiastically supported by the many children who enjoyed playing at the park.


This week we have begun to advertise our entry scholarships. Children in Years 3-6 in 2019 who are not currently attending Gippsland Grammar, are encouraged to apply before Friday 10 August.  If you have friends or colleagues who may be interested in a Gippsland Grammar education for their children, please suggest they see me, Sarah Guinness or the Gippsland Grammar website for further information.


Today at Fellowship we were entertained by our Prefects from the Garnsey campus. Processing into the Harry Potter theme song created a terrific atmosphere, followed by an excellent presentation that included skill, talent, strong messages about respectful relationships and most importantly providing excellent role models for our students. We all enjoyed clapping along to their rendition of ‘Happy’ and danced along, practicing our new moves, to ‘The Nicest Kids in Town’.  It is on days such as today that we can celebrate and recognise the value of being part of the wonderful school that is Gippsland Grammar.


The Prefects left us with the Dr Seuss quote:


“Don’t give up

I believe in you all

A person’s a person

No matter how small”


Enjoy the winter sunshine.

Virginia Evans