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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

I am delighted to share the official results of last week’s House Athletics: while we were, at times, challenged by the weather, the day finished successfully with a win by Cranswick Dargo. Apparently, it has been some time since ‘Dargo’ has adorned the winning cup. Age Group Champions were Maddy Davidson, Henry Knight, Ashleigh Corpe, Josh Newstead, Ashley Brutovic, Aiden Rodriguez, Grace Ng and Gus Russell. Congratulations to all of these students and a special congratulations to Gus Russell who has won Age Group Champion in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country every year! A wonderful achievement.


The students weren’t the only ones to win, with Jessie Ng taking off like a rocket in the parents, teachers and Year 6 relay, followed by Kaylene Rozite and Joanna Ding. Jessie’s daughter Grace tells me she caught her Mum (just!) as they changed batons. A fine finish between Gus, Mrs Lucy Leeming and one of our dads, Brett Rawlings, contributed to an exciting finish, with Year 6 students taking the win this year.


Our Preps celebrated Science Week by launching rockets and discussing energy and pressure. The thrill of observing change was obvious, with squeals of delight from all participating in the experiment. Melaleuca and Kurrajong travelled to Melbourne yesterday to enjoy the learning opportunities offered by a visit to Scienceworks. While this was a big day for the students and staff, it was also an excellent day of fun and hands-on learning.


“Yesterday we went to Melbourne for our trip. We left on the 6.10am train and arrived in Melbourne just around 10 o'clock. Next, we caught a ferry down the Yarra River to Scienceworks. We went to Scienceworks and first went to our talk about night, day and the seasons. A while later we went to the Planetarium. It was awesome and we learnt heaps. Then it was lunchtime and we had some fresh air and a bit of a run about.  Then we did the general viewing. We had a fun time watching rockets shoot upwards by chemicals, playing virtual reality soccer goalies, judging gymnastics, try to beat Cathy Freeman in a running game and much, much more. We had heaps of fun! Then we got on a train at Spotswood Station to go to Hungry Jack's for dinner and then went home on the train. It was a great trip and my favourite part was when we went into the Planetarium. The videos were great and really informative and I think that everyone enjoyed it. We arrived home at 10.20pm tired but happy after a great day in the city.”


By Emily Allouet, Josh Newstead and Sorrel Fraser.



Keeping our children safe is always paramount in our thinking. Mr Michael Kennedy presented a workshop to our Prep to Year 4 students on the importance of bus safety. The information shared was valuable for all of our students.


The funds from Staggfair have been put to use preserving our School’s history with the framing of an old School banner and large canvases of the School Houses and the School crest hung proudly in the hall. The ELC children are enjoying the outdoor play equipment, also purchased with proceeds from the hard work of our Parents and Friends at Staggfair. We are all grateful for these additions to our campus.


In staffing news, we will be farewelling both Simone Robertson, our Learning Assistant, and Evie Wilson, our Reception teacher, over the next few weeks. We wish them both well and thank them for their time with us at Gippsland Grammar.  We also wish Mrs Fiona Sutherland an enjoyable holiday as she takes the remainder of the term for her Long Service Leave.


As I step in as the teacher librarian for the next five weeks, I encourage you all to get into the fun of Book Week, which will commence on Monday at our morning assembly. This will be followed by a Book Trivia Quiz and a Mystery Book reading during the week, with the fun culminating at the Book Character Parade on Thursday.


I look forward to seeing you there! 


Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Virginia Evans