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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Week six of Term 3 is always an exciting time for teachers and students. It is traditionally Book Week, when students from many schools and year levels celebrate the magic of books, bringing to life their favourite characters.


As a campus, we have certainly celebrated our love of books this week. The students have participated in shared buddy reading, ‘Stop, Drop and Read’ sessions, a trivia quiz, a match the teacher to their favourite childhood book, a highly expressive mystery reader and, to conclude our week, a lively book character parade.


We are fortunate to have a magnificent library space that inspires a love of literature. Many thanks to our parents who supported their children today and to our three Year 6 leaders - Eva, Georgia and Lateesha - who hosted our parade so competently.


It was most pleasing to receive a phone call from another school, complimenting our students on their outstanding sportsmanship at the District Athletics carnival on Tuesday. Not only were we successful on the track and field, we were successful in demonstrating Gippsland Grammar’s CLERR values to our community. A large number of students will continue on to the Divisional level of competition.


I ask you all to think of our committed and enthusiastic Tournament of the Minds teams, and their teachers, as they compete this Saturday at Churchill. They have prepared well and we wish them every success in their endeavours. Thank you to Ms Terese Hunter, Mrs Fiona Sutherland and Ms Charlotte Cheadle for guiding our students through this process.


We have Compliance Day today, an important component of our care for students. The day strengthens our knowledge and understanding of how best to keep our children safe and well.


I wish you all a lovely weekend.