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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Last week included the official RUOK day, but it needs to be every day - at school, in the workplace and in the community. The message behind RUOK day is to simply have a conversation - check in on a friend, a colleague, a neighbour to show that you care. It’s a theme we have continued this week, with our School wide focus on wellbeing and wellness.



Today at Fellowship, our SRC presented to us the importance of thinking of others and responding to a need when you see it. The SRC demonstrated this message by independently organising Fellowship in the absence of Mrs Hay-Smith, who is unwell. A great example of stepping up when needed, which is to be both commended and appreciated - congratulations to all members of the SRC.


Local Psychologist, Ms Vikki White, contributed further advice and understanding about how to look after the mental health and wellbeing of others and ourselves. Vicki used a Hoberman Sphere to illustrate the state of balance required to feel well, ready to meet challenges and reach our potential. She also explained the importance of connections, both with ourselves and with each other. 

Vikki suggested the following websites for further age appropriate resources for children and their families.






Each week we hear an important bible message from either Rev Rich or Reverend Brenda. Today’s message from Brenda illustrated the burden we can feel from our worries. Brenda explained how we can always turn to God when we are not feeling OK. I thank both Vikki and Brenda for their thoughtful presentations to our School community.


Our Years 3 and 4 students were understandably disappointed to miss out on the Kanga Cricket day at the Wy Yung oval, due to health concerns associated with the spreading of agricultural lime nearby on a windy day, however, were able to enjoy a friendly game back at school later in the day. The Preps had a lot of fun collecting data on the app they had personally designed during coding classes at school. Ms Cameron and Mrs Crowe cleverly integrated a mathematical concept with digital technology. They also combined a trip to the All Abilities Playground with recording information on the passing traffic.


A big thank you to Mr Callum Morton for designing a creative play space for toy cars, trucks and toy earth moving equipment. Adjacent to the cubby, it has become a very popular place for the boys and girls to play. 




We are at the end of another busy term. I wish you all a wonderful spring holiday and a safe return to school.

Kind regards,


Virginia Evans