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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

‘Creativity is never right or wrong’, states Georgie Heath. ‘It is about making inventions,’ suggests Piper Jankowiak. It is all around us this week as we proudly present our 2018 Art Show.


Many hours of work have culminated in a vibrant showcase of our students’ talents and skills, inspired by Ms Liz Magnuson, our specialist Art teacher. It is with much admiration and appreciation that I acknowledge Liz for this wonderful exhibition and it is with pride that I acknowledge and congratulate our students who have produced such beautiful and thought provoking works for us to enjoy.


Our Art trail commenced when Ms Lisa Roberts, a local graphic artist from East Gippsland Art Gallery, officially opened our Art Show at the conclusion of Fellowship this afternoon. Our Fellowship today incorporated Celebration Day, where we recognise the turning of the first sod of our campus, the opening of the Art Show and the return of our past students who are now close to completing Year 12. Throughout Fellowship, a student from each class shared their understanding of creativity; we thoroughly enjoyed musical items from our Year 12 students - Bryce Worboys, Filly Lang and Aaron Barling - and our Junior Choir; and we were entertained by Acacia’s Tomas Hunter, interviewing Year 12 student Aaron Barling. As a campus we were thrilled to have so many attendees at our Fellowship, supporting our students and celebrating our special day with us.


Following Fellowship, a magnificent high tea was served, once again supported and organised by a terrific team of parent helpers. The inclusion of fine china, an eclectic mix of teapots, embroidered tablecloths and tiered serving plates created the ambience of antecedents. Our guests meandered their way along the art trail with a sense of joy and wonder.


We are also thankful to the local artists who generously donated their art works for a silent auction. The great interest in the auction and the successful high tea has enabled the campus to look forward to the purchase of a kiln for future learning.


While many people have contributed to our high tea, I particularly want to thank Julie Ray for creating our pansies in teacups, a lovely touch, and Sarah Guinness, who so competently oversees everything down to the last detail. As a result, it was a truly terrific event, one to be most proud of as a community.