Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Gippsland Grammar is renowned for its approach to outdoor education, supporting our students to develop personal resilience while appreciating the great outdoors. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of Karoonda Park, Gelantipy, I can only think how fortunate our students are to experience such beauty in our local environment.


I joined the students yesterday in their mix of excitement and nervousness as we took on the Snowy River in white water rafting. We had the perfect day and were supported by the skilled staff of Karoonda Park, as we steered our rafts through level one waterfalls and ‘s bends’, with cries of both uncertainty and exhilaration.


Recognising the importance of teamwork, while simultaneously understanding and respecting the individual, has been the main challenge in camp activities, and is one of the key learning outcomes from school camps. I am proud to say that both Bairnsdale and St Anne’s students demonstrated consistently that we are one school and one cohort of Year 6 students, as they laughed, encouraged and supported each other over the four days.


A big thank you to the teachers and parents from both campuses who contributed to a most successful Year 6 camp.


Today’s Kurrajong Fellowship took us into the world of kindness via ‘Wonder’, the book by RJ Palacio. Mr Browne, the English teacher in the book, introduces the students to the concept of precepts; ‘a command or principle intended especially as a general rule of action’. Mr Browne says, “I love using precepts in my classroom. You throw them out there, and you never know what you’re getting back, what’s going to strike a chord with a kid, or what’s going to make them think a little deeper, a little bigger, than if they were just trying to answer a question from a book.”


This book has really caught the imagination of the Kurrajong class and kindness has swept through the classroom and beyond.  I commend the book to you and will leave you with this precept for your consideration … ‘When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.’


Virginia Evans