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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

The week has moved very fast with the Melbourne Cup public holiday allowing for an enjoyable break on Tuesday. On Wednesday we welcomed Glen Dihood, Year 7 Co-ordinator at Garnsey Campus and Stewart Llewellyn, Head of Boarding, to our Bairnsdale Campus as part of the transition process to Garnsey for our Year 6 students. They interacted easily with the students, answering the many questions posed regarding the move to secondary school. Glen was most impressed with our students’ enthusiasm and interest in their future education.


St John’s Ambulance visited our campus on Monday with their ‘First Aid in Schools’ program. Valuable lessons were taught at the appropriate levels, and the student feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I thank Owen and Chelsea for these reports:


“Today Rachael from St Johns First Aid came to school. I learnt to check for danger, like glass and chemicals you can smell, hear and see danger. If someone is unconscious or are not breathing call an ambulance. The ambulance phone number is 000. If you don’t know your mum or dads code in the bottom left corner is a button that says emergency. Click on it and there will be a key pad. It was fun to learn something new.” Owen Roach


“On Monday Rachael from St Johns came, she told us that when someone was hurt check for danger. If there is broken glass don’t help them until you clean it up. After you have cleaned it up you say ‘Hello hello can your hear me?’ if that doesn’t work squeeze their shoulders. If that doesn’t work call 000. When you call that number a person will say ‘What do you need; fire station, police or ambulance?’ you would say ambulance please. They would put you through to the ambulance and the ambulance would say what state do you live in and what town and where do you live? I learnt about lots of things. Now I know what to do when I get into trouble.” Chelsea Trewin


Our Fellowship today was a moving and beautifully presented understanding of the significance of Remembrance Day in all our lives. Banksia explained the importance of traditions such as red poppies, the poem 'In Flanders Fields', the Last Post, the minute silence and the Rouse. Listening to Lochie Borisenko perform The Last Post and The Rouse was a truly wonderful moment. Knowing that Lochie had set himself a goal at the commencement of the year to perform this special piece, I commend and express my appreciation of a fine performance.


Our guest speaker Mr Chris Waites shared his story of his son’s decision to join the Australian army and the impact it has had on their family. From a parents perspective, there is an emotional mix of love and concern and yet more so, pride in their sons decision to defend his country. We are most grateful to Chris for delivering such a heartfelt speech and wish his son, Jordan, a safe and successful career serving his country.


On Monday next week from 6:00pm, the ELC will hold their information evening for families starting in 2019. Even if you have previously had children attend the ELC, this is an important evening as information packs with full details of the 2019 year will be given out.  It is also a great opportunity to meet other parents in your child’s group as well as the teachers. I thank Lisa Burgess and the ELC staff for their thorough preparation for our ELC families.


A retirement party is planned for Ms Annie Crowe on Saturday, 24 November at 5:30pm. This is a child-free event, however, parents past and present are welcome to join the staff in wishing Annie well for her retirement. For further information, including the venue, cost and rsvp, please contact the Bairnsdale Campus office.


We are fortunate to be able to welcome renowned presenter Jo Lange, to the Bairnsdale Campus for an informative session for parents entitled ‘Raising Calm and Confident Kids’. This session will take place on Tuesday, 27 November at 7:00pm, and I urge you to set this time aside and come along, bringing any interested friends and family. This session will be aimed at families of children aged from 3 to 12 years of age. Please note that this is a child free event.  A flyer containing further information will be sent to families in the coming days. 


Wishing you a happy weekend.
Virginia Evans