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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

The James Beard Hall was filled with song on Monday as each House performed enthusiastically in the House singing competition. An introduction solo by Aiden Rodriguez for Wellington Binks was a highlight, along with all Houses singing a campus favourite ‘1000 reasons’ in unison. Our Year 6 leaders had the responsibility of coordinating the singing with support from their designated House teachers. Our judges Sarah Guinness, Sarah Caddy and Michelle McLean conferred to award Blundell Bogong the winner’s trophy.


Mrs Fiona Carr travelled with our two cricket teams to Traralgon on Thursday to compete in the regional level of Kanga Cricket. An enjoyable day was had by all. Oscar Dullard, as the captain of the boy’s team, displayed great sportsmanship and Gippsland Grammar spirit. Oscar appeared to take a fantastic catch, with him running, jumping and landing in a roll on the ground. Both umpires acknowledged the catch. However, while our team was cheering Oscar, he politely let the umpires know he hadn’t actually caught the ball, as it had first rolled on the ground. Kudos to you Oscar!


Following Acacia’s study of lifecycles, the class visited Mrs Crowe’s farm to release the frogs and froglets into the dam. Their writing following the excursion was a lovely reflection of their day.

“Yesterday Acacia went to Mrs Crowes farm. Mrs Crowe got bubbles for us. We released the frogs into the damn. Mrs Crowe’s dog is called Meg”. By Juliette. 


“Our class Acacia went to Mrs Crowe's place. We released the frogs there. Meg had a swim in the dam. We had icy poles and lunch there. We played ball games too. Mrs Crowe promised us bubbles. We had fun. I felt legendary.” By Tomas. 


Twelve of our Year 6 students were rewarded for their commitment to the Junior Rotary Awards on Wednesday night. They each received a framed certificate and were acknowledged for their varied contributions to the community. As Georgia Steel and Gus Russell stated in their speech, ‘…it was terrific to celebrate the night with fellow Year 6 students across East Gippsland.’ I congratulate and thank our students along with their parents for participating in such a worthy program.


Our Fellowship this week was led by Melaleuca. They shared their understanding of our Earths movement, in a variety of ways. Their skits were entertaining and their words informative. As always Melaleuca collaborated beautifully to present their Fellowship. Thank you to Ms Crowe for encouraging all students to shine.


We have received some rain over the week, which was a pleasant sound to hear. The children were happy to play in the drizzle. They too appreciate and understand the need for rain.

With thanks for another lovely week at Bairnsdale Campus.


Virginia Evans