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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

On Monday the children participated in a very informative first aid session delivered by St. John Ambulance member Natalie Carroll. Year 6 student Abi Carr shared her reflection of the day. 


On Monday the 6th of November a member of the St John First aid school program named Natalie came to our school. All the classes had an hour session with her to learn or revise about what to do in an emergency. We all had the opportunity to try cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on mannequins, to watch one of our classmates, Ashur, get put in a recovery position and revise DRS ABCD. Overall, we had great fun and learned a lot.’   


The Year 2 class reflected on both what they already knew, and what they learnt on the day.   


‘When you get a blood nose you get a tissue and pinch your nose.  

I learnt to… Yell out to somebody to see if they were hurt.  

I can… Squeeze a person to see if this time they will respond to me.  

I know to… Use my fingers to make an ‘0’ if I forget triple zero.’ Henry Knight  


‘I knew when I have a burn I have to put it under cold water.  

I learnt to… Help other people  

I can… Call 000 to help if someone faints.  

I know to… Stay still from snake bite for a few days.’  Morgan Templeman  


‘I knew how to treat a cut.  

I learnt to… Stay still when a snake is around.  

I can… Call 000  

I know to… squeeze the patients shoulders.’  Darcee Young  


A further tip suggested by Natalie was to teach the children to put the mobile/phone on speaker in an emergency situation for easier communication in action.   


Also on Monday, our juniors set the scene for the Melbourne Cup by creating their own trusty steed and galloping around the playground. It was great to see their happy faces enjoying a tradition in such a simple but effective way.   


Year 6 students have commenced the task of constructing our newly acquired EV3 LEGO robots, purchased with a generous donation from our hard working Parents and Friends. Learning the skills of Coding and Programming is an area of the curriculum we will be focusing on in the future. Parents will have the opportunity to view these skills in action at our Twilight School.  Thank you to those parents who have already registered to participate in our Twilight School. I know many of the students are excited to share their learning with you. Parents and Friends also extend an invitation to you to celebrate the concluding year on that evening with a relaxed BBQ dinner, to be supplied by the school and shared as a School community.   


Many decisions are made within schools at this time of the year that take great consideration, one of those being the employment of staff for the year to come. Deputy Principal - Jan Henry, Fiona Carr and I are grateful to the many applicants who applied to work at Gippsland Grammar. After much deliberation, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Mrs Libby Crowe to our staff for 2018. Libby presented as a passionate and enthusiastic educationalist who values relationships and community. We look forward to introducing Libby to our school community over the coming weeks as part of the Prep Transition sessions.  Miss Maddison McCarrey will join our staff as the Gap Assistant for 2018.  


We officially welcomed our new ELC Reception children and their parents on Wednesday evening. As I listened to our ELC teachers, Sharon and Evie, share their expertise and understanding of the transitioning process, both socially and academically, I reflected on the responsibility that is bestowed upon us as educationalists, particularly with children so young. We acknowledge the trust that you, as the parents of these precious children, place in us and the importance of our partnership going forward.   


The State Track and Field Championships were held at the end of October at the Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park, Melbourne. Both Georgia Shell and Cohen Frith competed admirably at this high level of competition and I congratulate them on their results. Georgia placed fourth in the triple jump and fifth in the long jump, while Cohen placed eleventh in the 800 metre race. We are very proud of you both!  


Today’s Fellowship focussed on Remembrance Day and we were honoured to have Flight Lieutenant Paul Templeman - father of Morgan in Year 2 and Sarah in the ELC Reception group - speak to us in a very personal and heartfelt manner. His story focussed on the impact of war on families and his family in particular.  I would like to share with you a short excerpt of the speech he gave today.  


‘I am somebody’s son, a brother, an uncle, a husband and importantly a father to two young ladies sitting among you today. My story is of multiple deployments and exercises, continuing to take me away from the family that I love. The medals on my chest are a small reminder to me of the time spent away from my family.    


During the first several years of Morgan’s life, I was travelling both interstate and overseas.  I missed many moments in Morgan’s early life.  Birthdays, holidays, trips to the zoo, playing in the park and every moment in which memories are created.  But today is not about me.  Consider what Morgan missed out on. A father to lean on, a father to cuddle, a father to support her; in short, a father.  Morgan has now reached an age where she understands that I have a responsibility which is very different to many people.  


My family, like those during WW1, have made many sacrifices, and will continue to make sacrifices as they grow.  So, as you pause tomorrow, on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, to remember the end of the Great War, take a moment to consider the personal sacrifices made by the family members of our military forces, because they don’t make the news.’ 


Archdeacon Ted Gibson responded, noting the Fellowship’s impressive observance of this sacred occasion. David Ng contributed to the reverence of the occasion playing the Last Post and Grace Ng concluded the service playing impressively on the piano for the processional. I would like to sincerely thank David and Grace, Year 5 Grevillea, Archdeacon Ted and Flt Lt Templeman for their important contribution to our understanding and observance of Remembrance Day.   


Our Fellowship next week will be led by the SRC and will highlight the work of the Make a Wish Foundation. On this day, students are asked to come to school dressed in casual clothes with a touch of glitter, and to bring a gold coin donation to contribute to this foundation that brings hope, strength and joy to children facing adversity. Tabloid sports will be enjoyed later in the day. Parents are encouraged to join us for Fellowship and learn more about the work of Make a Wish.  


We have managed to achieve a lot in our four-day week. The weekend is upon us once again with a forecast of lovely weather. I do hope you all take advantage of it.  


Mrs Virgina Evans with Flight Lieutenant Paul Templeman, Rebecca Templeman and children Sarah and Morgan 



Warm regards,