Head of Bairnsdale Campus | Gippsland Grammar


Head of Bairnsdale Campus

It has been a challenging week for many in our School community, with the threat of fires. Our homes are our safety net, the place where we feel comfort: so to have that compromised by the fear of fires undoubtedly warrants our thoughts and prayers. We hope that relief is near as the cooler months approach.


This week our students have had an uninterrupted week, whereby learning in the classroom has been the number one priority. It has also given me an opportunity to visit the classrooms to see our curriculum in action. There was much evidence of our language of learning as the students explained to me what success criteria they were using and, more importantly, how they were achieving it. Digital Technology, being a point of difference for Gippsland Grammar, is particularly well received by our students. It allows them to engage in technology as creators, rather than consumers. Observing our students learning from each other under the guidance and expertise of Ms Sharen Cameron was a pleasure to watch. Sharen has terrific ideas to extend our students in this area.



Grevillea presented a lively and clever Fellowship today, with a focus on diversity. All seventeen students played a different musical instrument, demonstrating that while each instrument creates its own sound, together they are more powerful. Teamwork and collaboration was necessary to perform the chosen song, which they achieved with beautiful results. Our new chaplain, Reverend Jackie Belot, has inspired great interest in ‘cup stacking’ and our Year 5 students took it further today by cup stacking to music. Well done Grevillea and Mrs Fiona Carr.


This afternoon, Year 5 and 6 students will continue walking to their own beat as they participate in a Japanese drumming session. This reinforces the notion that working together achieves great things.


I wish you all a lovely long weekend.


Kind regards

Virginia Evans