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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

It has been a week of sharing happy moments with our friends and colleagues in Sale this week. Joining in the exciting official opening of the new Year 3/4 building at St. Anne’s with fellow staff and dignitaries was a special occasion. Pleasing to hear were the words of Mrs Liz Board, a past Head of Campus and parent of past students and grand parent of current students of Gippsland Grammar, with an obvious proud history and strong and influential interest in education. Liz spoke of the opportunity we have at Gippsland Grammar to make a difference in society through our values, our creativity, through innovation and tradition. She spoke of the simple acts of kindness and the importance of being proud of our uniform and what it represents. I felt proud to be there amongst the many past and present students and members of staff.


The Regional Swimming competition was another opportunity for us to join our friends at St. Anne’s and cheer each other on. We certainly had a strong presence in the pool with all swimmers competing confidently. Congratulations to all swimmers on their performance and to the parents and grandparents who travelled down to support them. Five of our swimmers have progressed through to State level and we wish them all much success. Jadah Frith, Josh Newstead and Kael Frith will compete in individual events, with Paul Ng and Xander Borinsenko joining them in the relay.



The Regional Swimming Competition



Today many of our students travelled to Sale to participate in singing workshops with both St. Anne’s and Garnsey students under the guidance of The Idea of North, an award winning a cappella ensemble. Combining to perform as a choir in the evening after a full day of workshops will be the highlight for all. I am an anticipating a terrific night.


As our short week began, it also concluded with a strong message against bullying. Supporting the National Day against Bullying, our students have created a lengthy bunting that demonstrates their voices against bullying and the role they must play in preventing bullying in our community. I am grateful for our teachers who work tirelessly to create a safe and happy environment for our students.



Supporting the National Day against Bullying



I am travelling with the Year 6 class and Mr Todd Cook to Melbourne on Sunday to attend the Halogen Leadership Conference along with 1,000 other Victorian school students. We look forward to listening to an inspiring list of key speakers and the opportunity to bond as the Year 6 leaders for 2019.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend