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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

For our Year 6 class, Mr Cook and myself, our school week commenced on Sunday as we travelled to Melbourne for the Halogen Youth Leadership Conference. It was an exciting and educational two days. As a group we shared the sights of Melbourne and experienced the joys of the city on a beautiful autumnal evening. Dining out at the Blue Train restaurant and walking along Southbank, enabled our students to interact with city life and understand the need for self-awareness. The key speakers were excellent, emphasising the importance of setting goals, breaking them down into achievable parts and believing in yourself.


Students enjoying Halogen Youth Leadership Conference - How big is that snake!!!!?


Our Campus Captains, Zara and Jadah, accompanied me to the Garnsey campus on Wednesday morning to celebrate Chaplain Jackie’s Commissioning, a very significant event. I was most proud of their attitude, their presentation and their willingness to interact with their fellow captains from both St. Anne’s and Garnsey.


Campus Captains Jadah and Zara with Chaplain Jackie Belot and St Anne's Campus Captains at the Commissioning


The SRC have been busy raising funds for research into cancer by selling icy poles, which will lead into our Fellowship next week and Crazy Hair day. They are a committed group working collaboratively with Mrs Hay-Smith to support our community.


The Big Write program has had a boost with the teachers organising a mysterious occurrence in our playground. The egg and bones discovered provided an interesting prompt for the Cold Write. Further inspired to write, Melaleuca shared their writing talents with us today at Fellowship. Mia, Henry, Darcee and Charlotte entertained us with their terrific narratives. We thank them for their presentations.


We have once again had a lovely week together at the Bairnsdale campus and I wish you a pleasant family weekend together.


Virginia Evans