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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

We were most excited to hear the terrific results of five of our students who represented Gippsland Grammar at the SEISA athletics in Melbourne this week. Aiden Rodriguez was awarded age champion after finishing 1st in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump and 2nd in the Triple Jump. Zara Rozite placed 2nd in the 100m and joined Ashleigh Brutovic to place 1st in the 4x100m relay with a new record of 1 minute 16 seconds, which was a new record by 16 seconds. The boys relay placed 2nd with Paul Ng, Chidi Otonye contributing to a most successful day for Gippsland Grammar. Congratulations to all and a big thank you to Ciara Fitzsimon for looking after our students and accompanying them for the day.



Our production, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is well underway however for it to be a success, we need everyone’s support. We have a number of parents/grandparents who have offered to sew and create our costumes and there are others working on the sets but if you are also able to assist in any way please see Sarah as your help will be much appreciated. In addition, one of our most important jobs is to help our students to learn their lines and their songs, which is why it is extra important for students involved in the production to be present at school to ensure they can rehearse together regularly. While I understand children become unwell and they may have other things in their schedule, I ask parents to see the production as a priority leading up to the show.  Mr Glover is thrilled with the participation and enthusiasm of our students, we want to make it a great experience for them. We look forward to the opening show in six weeks’ time on Friday June 14.


This week’s Open Day gave us the opportunity to showcase our campus. I always enjoy giving families a tour as it reinforces the strong commitment we have as a school to provide the best education for our students. Comments such as, ‘the kids are very engaged and happy’ and ‘what beautiful facilities you have’ are always lovely to hear, as was the comment from a speech therapist, who said ‘I understand the great benefit of the consistent language of learning’.


Mrs Joy Hay-Smith shared her knowledge and experience in our Literacy Workshop, which was much appreciated by the parents of our younger students. Joy will present a further workshop at 5.30pm on Thursday May 16 for those parents that were unable to attend due to work commitments.


To conclude our week, Banksia presented their learnings about, ‘chance’ in a fun and informative manner. The question ‘What is the chance of us all fitting on the couch?’ was posed and working as the little team they are, they all managed to fit on the couch happily. Thank you Banksia for your preparation.


Enjoy your weekend,