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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Cross Country can be a challenging event for many and it is with this in mind that I congratulate every student from Foundation to Year 6 for participating and - more importantly - for completing their run. I applaud those who finished confidently and received their awards along with those who demonstrated determination and resilience to ensure they contributed to their house points. Thank you to Mrs Elisha Froud for her organisation and obvious awareness of our students and to our parents who continue to support and assist our campus in such a positive manner. Congratulations to Tisdall Hotham who won the event and to our Age Champions:


9 Years

Benjamin Reynolds and Chelsea Rawlings

10 Years

Henry Knight and Holly Callaghan

11 Years

Kael Frith and Ashleigh Corpe

12 Years

Jadah Frith and Zara Rozite


Mr Todd Cook and I travelled to Melbourne University on Tuesday to once again join renowned educationalist John Hattie along with his research team, to explore ‘student voice’ in learning. The opportunity to gather with likeminded professionals who like us, endeavour to provide the best education for their students was a valuable experience. Todd and I look forward to sharing our learnings across the school.


Wednesday also directed our focus in providing the best education for our students as staff and parents were led by Mr Bruce Simons in the initial phase of developing our School’s next strategic plan. It is with appreciation that I acknowledge staff and parent input in this process.


I would like to acknowledge and congratulate Sarah Guinness on her new position of ‘Development Officer’ within our school community. Sarah will work at Garnsey Campus each Monday contributing to and collaborating within the Marketing team which also includes Zoe Curtis and Lisa Baker. We wish her well knowing she will be a great benefit to Gippsland Grammar in this role.


Our mothers and special women in our lives were treated to a lovely breakfast this morning served by Patrick Carson, Brett Rawlings and Adrian Frith this morning. It was a pleasant prelude to Fellowship which was presented by our nervously excited Foundation students. You couldn’t help but smile as each student stated proudly why their mum is a superhero to them. We wish all the superhero women in our lives a wonderful day on Sunday.